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It's not ogre yet. (Archived)
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Zero_Destroyer2311/8 4:15PM
Snake would be back if (Archived)majorasmaskfan811/8 4:12PM
If there is no Pushmo music... (Archived)jigglyweigel111/8 4:11PM
C/D: Male WFT is the Bataar Jr. of Smash Bros. (Archived)
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Sony_72111/8 4:08PM
The Official Viridi x Link Shipping Topic (Archived)
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RabnadSkubla2111/8 4:05PM
Do you think the GCC and adapter will be sold out post-release? (Archived)powerclaw1111/8 4:02PM
Yet another Smash Direct YTP. (Archived)powerclaw1311/8 4:00PM
The Mii gunner Palutena guidance may be the single greatest thing in this game. (Archived)
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CoolioKDude1311/8 3:58PM
Will all the clone characters be right next to each other like in for 3DS? (Archived)Decapre511/8 3:58PM
Saria's Song Remix (Archived)Rad_Dudesman111/8 3:58PM
Rate this Palutena Guidance (Archived)IceBomb45411/8 3:57PM
I'm about to buy Kid Icarus: Uprising when I previously had no interest in it. (Poll)
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falloffcliffman1911/8 3:56PM
Competitives should play this game and here's why (Archived)Dumdumwantgum111/8 3:56PM
Smash Bros Handmade Figure Of The Day 8- WiiFAT Trainer (Archived)
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DpadLad5111/8 3:51PM
Which fanbase got the most shafted? (Poll)
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kirbymariomega3611/8 3:51PM
Who would you customize? (Archived)waterjoe411/8 3:50PM
Red Haired Female Robin looks like my Ex-Girlfriend (Archived)
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nicknick969150011/8 3:47PM
Find out DEFINITIVELY if the GCN controller works in Wii Mode/CC substitute (Archived)
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MechaKoopa50001411/8 3:39PM
Why is the Wii Fit Trainer so balanced? (Archived)Decapre511/8 3:38PM
Now that we know all the default music, what songs do you hope will be unlocked? (Archived)123chatty811/8 3:37PM