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Why not Mega Man X or Zero? (Archived)
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The_Sexorcist1511/28 3:32PM
Peach has a much better bum rush than Charizard (Archived)
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darkvoid21001111/28 3:28PM
After playing melee for the first time in years... (Archived)NEMESIS 00039211/28 3:27PM
What will Mewtwo's event be? (Archived)Rosal1naIsBeast411/28 3:26PM
metroid steal stat challenge (Archived)
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smoky8201111/28 3:25PM
The worst thing about Smash Wii U is... (Archived)ThisAnvil911/28 3:24PM
break the targets has turned to? (Archived)huyi211/28 3:24PM
Master Scorpion on 9.0 is just infuriating. (Archived)
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Frost_shock_FTW1111/28 3:22PM
So one of master core's forms is called Master Beast (Archived)Rosal1naIsBeast411/28 3:21PM
More evidence that Villager is a MURDERER (Archived)
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Ghasts1711/28 3:14PM
The real sin (Archived)Yoshi2010811/28 3:12PM
Anyone else think that Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 should have been fused together (Poll)sonicking917311/28 3:06PM
BonQuiQui here-Does the Zelda cast look strange to Anyone else? (Archived)
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BonQuiQuiLutowy1211/28 3:06PM
lucimarth, beating shulk? (Archived)Lootman411/28 3:04PM
Pyrosphere Easter Egg (Archived)Blah475811/28 3:03PM
Club Nintendo problems (Archived)SquidwardTntcls211/28 2:59PM
Sigh... I hate this game. Seriously ruined my weekend. (Archived)DeZAgeeza911/28 2:57PM
Name bad excuses for bad newcomers. (Archived)RedAndWatch811/28 2:55PM
Is kraid too small? (Archived)majorasmaskfan211/28 2:52PM
so can I use a Wiipad and wiimote classic controller at the same time? (Archived)htaeD311/28 2:47PM