How does this game have a metacritic rating of 51!?

#1PhoenixAssassinPosted 5/6/2012 8:18:53 PM
I mean it isn't a super polished AAA title, but it is over all a very good game. its got its own unique mechanics that set it apart. it runs smoothly. looks good. (not great, but not bad either) not glitchy or anything. even lots of cool little details, and the way the dragon chick pops in to give you the back story on stuff is pretty cool as well.

I dont see how this game deserves anything less then a 7. but yet its got an average review score of 5/10 that sounds like a god awful game based on that score. I cant even comprehend how the game got such crappy reviews. I picked up this game because I am writing an article for my website ( where I take a look at games that when they were originally released reviewed terribly, and looking back at them now as bargain bin games, after people forget about them to remind people of games they may want to go check out, and I compare the issues reviews had with the game with now that it is a much cheaper title and such, but I dont even know how to go about that when what the reviews say dont match the product i am playing at all. and its not like its just a few reviews, the highest review score was a 65 from EGM
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#2hergmanPosted 5/7/2012 6:57:09 AM
you know, this disparity of score and reality reminds me of a case about another game : shadowrun on the snes.

it has almost 8-bit graphics (for a 16-bit console), the music is terrible, the story is bad and most importantly, the gameplay is atrocious!
its rated 7 here
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#3z0rk_zer0Posted 5/8/2012 9:35:55 AM
I think this discussion (and thousands like it for other games) is all we need to see to know that Roger Ebert is wrong. He - and others like him - get their panties all in a bunch when video games are called "art."

Video games - like other forms of art - are subjective experiences. Playing Blades of Time, I noticed a lot of flaws. I could have focused on these flaws in a quantitative evaluation and said the game sucks. Instead, I found myself having fun playing the game, and thus ignored the flaws. The subjective fun I had while playing the game transcended the flaws and kept me going. I even screwed up when I went to play through the game on "hard," and ended up having to run through it on normal again. Yes - I played it three times from beginning to end.

Was it a "great" game technically? No. Did I enjoy it anyway? Yes. i.e. Art. There might be other "me too" reasons for the negative reviews, but it could simply boil down to people like you and me liking different "art" than they do (and no, I'm not talking about graphics).
#4EchoPianistPosted 5/8/2012 7:00:47 PM
This game, much like X-Blades, suffers from too many fundamental problems.
The features in the game are great and far improved from X-Blades... the graphics are neat, gameplay is fun and engaging, and the thoughts and ideas they put into the combat turned out really well actually. But this game seriously needs to redesign their game engine. There are some serious collision detection issues, which was also a big problem in X-Blades. I find myself clipping through enemies way too often, which makes the combat feel a bit weightless sometimes.
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#5DuConLaFlemePosted 5/13/2012 3:35:18 PM
Considering the amount of people getting stuck in that game on either puzzles or bosses,it's pretty obvious to see why it got so harshly reviewed.
Also there's a sexy girl on the cover, - 23 points from the start in the reviewer is prude(you know what I mean by that)
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i know what you mean and its funny
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well this is gamefaqs, its generally where people go when they get stuck. board isnt active enough for any real discussion. I mean this topic was started 8 days ago has pretty much always been at the very top of the board and is only 7 posts long
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#8DuConLaFlemePosted 5/16/2012 7:45:47 AM
Yea, I can understand people getting stuck(got stuck a lot myself), but the game is almost always pointing out what to do.
Sad that it's so dead though, reviews and no ads didn't help.