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3 years ago#1
Ummm, why do topics archive so freaking fast? That is really annoying and counterproductive, or so it seems to me...

KratosKun posted...
So I looked around and saw that there aren't too many stages in the game.
I've played and beat the demo, and I loved it. But I'm curious, how many more stages are there?
I love how the game is, but spending about $9 for a two hour or so game isn't my cup of tea.

DemonSeal-Curse answered...
There's four worlds and over 50 stages.
I am posting to say this is wrong.

There are FIVE (5) worlds each with FOUR (4) stages. So 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, etc.

That makes a total of 20 main levels. THEN in each of the main levels there is a hidden level, for a total of 40 levels. In the hidden levels, you do not collect "trinkets" or whatever they are, you just get to the end and get the big token. So at the end of the game you should have 40/40 tokens. In the MAIN levels you should collect the 100 "mini trinkets" in order to unlock powerups (and fully complete the game.)

The DEMO had 6 levels, I believe, and only in ONE of the levels could you reach the "hidden" stage. So there is a LOT more to the full game than the demo.

Whether you think the price is worth it or not is up to you, but I was VERY satisfied with the game. It took a lot longer than a couple hours to fully complete the game (and I mainly play platformers.) I also completed the game a second time, and enjoyed that as well. Now there isn't anything left to do, but I definitely felt like I got my money worth.

The only comparable game I would recommend more than Mutant Mudds is VVVVVV (if you don't want to play on a computer.) That game is MORE fun and has an incredible amount of content. It took weeks to finish all of the "Player levels." I only hope they add an update in the future to import MORE player levels.

(Also Pushmo is highly recommended (but off-topic because it's in a different genre) but there is a ton of content in that game, plus "infinite" additional levels through QR codes.)

Anyway, buy Mutant Mudds! Great game no matter what you compare it to.
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