Do I need a PS Vita to play this game?

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Topic. Thanks.
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Do you need a PS Vita to play the PS3 version of the game?

Think about it for a second.
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Thanks. Reason I asked is because I wasnt sure if the game is actually being developed for PS3 or if it was one of those cross play titles where you can purchase Vita games on PSN but need the actual Vita system to play it.

Either way, this is awesome. Another game to add to the list for 2013.
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I figured "cross-play" would imply that you can play with both versions together simultaneously, which I believe is a feature that was mentioned for this.
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Cross-BUY however is a different program. I'm holding out hope for that personally. I'm sure it's a great game, but not worth buying twice.
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This all implies that the game will actually come's yet another good game in limbo until further notice...pretty much all the good games are except for Bioshock Infinite...every upcoming game I have on my wishlist is in limbo.
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