Combo-ish character?

#1chicostickPosted 6/17/2013 10:00:48 AM
It's been a while since I played any beat-em ups. Which character can combo the "easiest"?

In other action games it's usually the guy with 1 sword (easy to chain, easy to combo, etc). But there is no "1-sword" guy in this game. (The guy with the Sword & Shield doesn't count lol).

#2xenosaga123Posted 6/17/2013 10:12:40 AM
Amazon looks to be the most combo friendly.
#3HidanPosted 6/17/2013 10:13:57 AM
Why wouldn't the Fighter count as the 1-sword guy? That's exactly what he has. Loll.

Anyway, Amazon, Elf and Fighter are you best choices for Combo-ish characters
#4photonflarePosted 6/17/2013 10:21:43 AM
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#5photonflarePosted 6/17/2013 10:27:30 AM
Depends on what kind of combos you mean by "easiest"

Just smash one or a few buttons or like combos in DnD mystara.

For example, in DnD, elf is the easiest class to do combo: AAAAAA(8 Hits)
6A+236A, 66A+6A+236A+28A etc

Magic user can combo with A and 6A(Critical Hits) and use BB or dagger to cancel and keep combo.
#6chicostick(Topic Creator)Posted 6/17/2013 11:15:37 AM(edited)
Thank you for the suggestions. I'll guess I'll try the Amazon first.

Have they released the "skills" for each character yet btw?
#7SieKensouPosted 6/17/2013 2:32:49 PM
xenosaga123 posted...
Amazon looks to be the most combo friendly.

not really.... she goes all over the screen and her speed increases during her combos....
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