A few questions! Summoning, spears, and wind magic, oh my!

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As the titles says, I would like to know about a few things pertaining to 3 subjects.

1, how much wind-based magic is there? No, not talking about lightning attacks, in case they are lumped together. I mean actual wind attacks, like tornadoes, gusts, all that jazz. I've seen the wizard use a tornado once I think? Please lemme know more about this!

2, I wanna know if any characters use actual spears? I saw that the amazon uses an axe, a scythe... I saw the Knight use a sword and an axe as well? Do either of them, or anyone else use any spears?

3, and most of all... Summoning. I know that the wizard can summon -A- golem made of wood boxes, and the witch can summon a skeleton. Can either of them summon anything else? Or better yet, can I work as a "Summoner"? I don't mean a class of it's own, but I mean... Do either of them have enough viability and/or summon spells to make summoning worth pursuing?


Yes, these are sorta important to me. I know that seems silly, but too many games use lightning as 'wind' magic (Looking at you, Golden Sun.) or have it missing altogether (Skyrim, you have dissipointed me.). That's something that's always bugged me, as wind has always been my favorite element.

Then spears, once again, seem to be absent from most games today, and that irritates me even more, because that has been a massively used weapon althroughout history, and throughout every country and nation. Spartans, samurai, knights, tribal cultures... And yet in almost all games as of late, they've been missing, and it all comes down to 1-handed bashing/slashing, 2-handed bashing/slashing weapon, shield, and bow. Once again, this is one of my favorite things, my favorite weapon o' choice, plus to not even feature it sorta seems silly, when it's been such a staple weapon in history.

Lastly, as for summoning... I just -really- like summoning. If there's ever a summoner class in a game, or a class that has a lot OF summons? I always go for it. It pleeeaaases meeeee.

So! Please let me know more about these, as while I still may buy the game, this is the difference between buying it NOW, or buying it LATER for me.
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There's not a lot of wind magic.
I think the wizard has one big spell, the Tornado. The elf can summon a mini tornado but the damage is poor.
You can also buy a scroll to cast a wind spell.

No spears.

Summoning unfortunately isn't a path you can take. As you said, the magic classes can both turn a wooden box or bones into a minion but they're really weak and more of a distraction/meat shield than anything else.

I was thinking and they ONLY game that came into my mind that has all 3 things is Diablo 2. When you play as a spear wielding storm/summon druid. A shame that there aren't more games where spears or summons exist/actually feel awesome.
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Aw... But wasn't there some thing where the Sorceress has a lamp, and is using a genie to fight for her? ._. Are you -suuuure- there's no summoning spells other then the two meat-shields?

Also, no spears? Lame. x.x

And as for wind spells... I guess that'll do. ._. Though now I'm highly dissipointed... Judging by the long handled weapons the amazon uses, they could have at least made one have a spear-like tip, even if the gameplay wouldn't change at all for it, or just use another weapon's attack movements for it... A simple retexture of the weapon was all it would have taken. ._.
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codo141 posted...
Aw... But wasn't there some thing where the Sorceress has a lamp, and is using a genie to fight for her? ._. Are you -suuuure- there's no summoning spells other then the two meat-shields?

That's a boss thing only. Pirate ship level.

I agree that it's lame that there are no spears but giving the Amazon a spear skin would not have worked.. you see, she does slash attacks, which are characteristic for halberds or axes, but she never stabs. Would look weird to slash with a spear.
#5codo141(Topic Creator)Posted 8/6/2013 7:44:30 PM
Depends on the kind of spear. I mean, I know spears are primarily stabbing weapons, but some spears are made to be slashed with. Mainly characterized by broad, flat headed blades at the end. Pretty dang close to axes, honestly, so that's getting more or less to be splitting hairs. Though I can understand not using slashing animations for it, as most are for stabbing, and the slashing spears are usually an eastern-based weapon, rather than seeing much use in Western or European styles. But as again, I can dream. ._.;

As for the genie thing... Laaaaame. Dx
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