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5 years ago#51

Made you look.
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5 years ago#52

Pikmin that can increase the ESRB rating when needed.
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5 years ago#53
DI*is shot*


Rickrolls Bulborbs to death.
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5 years ago#54
Green Pikmin that can float down, opposing Purple Pikmin. Purple Pikmin get a new ability of being able to emit that stuff they emitted to fight the waterwraith, only it works on all enemies and doesn't freeze them, just slow. Essentially a watered-down bitter spray.

The Green Pikmin weigh half as much as a regular pikmin(Literally, 1/2). Will float down due to smaller bodies and bigger leaves/buds/flowers.

Going from Leaf to Bud to Flower will be different in Pik 3. Leaves are still the base stage, with the lowest attack power and speed. As the Pikmin levels up from leaf to bud, attack and speed increase and their abilities are enhanced as well.

Red Pikmin can handle fire, but a new hazard - Magma, can only be traversed by Bud Reds or higher. Yellows can be lobbed higher and higher the better their rank, and Blues... stay the same, unfortunately. Their speeds increase in water however.

Whites stay mostly the same. What changes in the rank up is their damage dealt from being eaten. To compensate for this, Purples and Whites have a new unified onion, essentially replaces the ship. This onion cannot produce seeds however, bodies sent to it will instead produce random colored seeds of the types found above ground, which include Red Blue Yellow and any new types, that start out at Bud level.

Going back to those advanced hazards, to compensate for the fact enemies easily reduce Pikmin to leaf status, Nectar will be provided near these hazards, albeit in low supply.

Again, Magma is a new hazard only traversible by Bud and Flower Red Pikmin. Yellows can be lobbed higher depending on rank, Blues are faster underwater, Purples emit that purple stuff which slows enemies(And their stun will only work on small enemies to nerf them), Whites become better bait, in addition to the power and speed increases.

Green Pikmin are 1/2 the weight of regular Pikmin, float down upon being thrown. At Bud stage the Green Pikmin can no longer float but instead manage to stay up by continuously flipping to boost air time. Flower rank returns the floating, which is now much more slow than in leaf form. While Greens are half the weight of a regular Pikmin, they are just as strong, but items picked up by Greens are slower than regular pikmin(Though faster than Purples).

Sky Blue Pikmin are pikmin adapted to winter. They are still just as usable as other Pikmin however. They are immune to ice hazards and enemies. At Flower stage they can freeze enemies upon contact, though their damage is halved against frozen enemies(Essentially free Bitter Spray that is more temporary). The more Sky Blue Pikmin on the enemy, the stronger the effect. Quite a few enemies with internal body heat cannot be frozen however, mostly smaller enemies and Red Bulborbs.

New enemy variations include the Icy Blowhog, Hairy Bulborb and Snow Bulborbs having ice traits, and Fiery Bulblaxes only being harmed by Bulb or Flower Red Pikmin and renamed Magma Bulblaxes.
5 years ago#55

Rapping. It's their thing.
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5 years ago#56

Get your lazy ass off the couch.
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5 years ago#57

They're... you can get it.
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5 years ago#58
CHIKMIN. That shirt was so yesterday.

QWICKMIN. Did you see that? No.

KIKMIN. Watch your manhood.

MICKMIN. Ke$ha wants Mick Jagger, Ke$ha gets Mick Jagger.

NICKMIN. Just in the nick of time. Your sorry ass was about to get left behind.
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