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5 years ago#1
a pikmin a bit bigger than a purple one. it is covered in hair and is pitch black in colour.
it has a carnivorous plant on its head. it has red eyes

it comands an army of mushroom pikmin and you have to fight its army with your army
when will they finally invent the axe-bazooka!?
5 years ago#2
I don't really see how that'll work, considering the boss will be tiny (I mean the size of a Pikmin? C'mon). I mean how are your Pikmin going to swarm it? Unless you throw a Pikmin at it or something and it takes a chunk off it's damage. But yeah, I like the idea of two separate armies fighting each other...Although I dearly hope there's some way to make more Pikmin as this fight goes on, considering that this whole fight sounds like it's more dependent on luck since you're fighting another army...Just like Pikmin 2 multiplayer (Well, that's what I'm comparing it to).
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5 years ago#3
well it would be big for a pikmin(the size of or slightly smaller or bigger than olimar)
when will they finally invent the axe-bazooka!?
5 years ago#4
So how are your Pikmin supposed to swarm/attack it if it's so small? That's only what I'm asking. Will they even do that or no?
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5 years ago#5
^This. You have to take in account that the smaler an enemy is, the less feasible it is you could swarm a crap ton of Pikmin on it. Either A) It has low health to begin with, so few Pikmin attacking it makes sense, B) It has high health and it's a slow, tedious battle, or C) Throwing Pikmin on it takes away a chunk of health, like a Breadbug.
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5 years ago#6
Having an olimar clone is a dumb idea to begin with imo.
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5 years ago#7
I like this boss idea.
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5 years ago#8
it would have its own pikmin:


tree: a brown pikmin with a pine tree on its head

and some others
when will they finally invent the axe-bazooka!?
5 years ago#9

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5 years ago#10
KFCofDOOM posted...


when will they finally invent the axe-bazooka!?

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