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5 years ago#1
If there was one thing I found that pikmin 2 lacked it was its multiplayer.
So anyone got any ideas for multiplayer? Online off splitscreen?
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5 years ago#2
I'm glad that they even added the 2-player modes to Pikmin 2. We should be grateful for that, but I get what you mean. I think they should make the current modes online, as well as adding a "survive the sundown" challenge. You would have to defeat wandering nocturnal creatures of the night until the sun comes up. They should also add a 2-player co-op story mode. That would be great.
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5 years ago#3
Capture the Marble
Highscore vs (you try to get the most pikmin in the end of the match)
Race to the marble (you try to capture as many marbles as possible first)
Race to the finish (you have a marble and are trying to race to your onion with it, but you have many obsticles and limited pikmin, you start in a distance away from onion behind walls.)
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