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#11Sparx401Posted 7/19/2011 4:49:56 PM
Right, because it's not like being on a different planet automatically means they must be different species, and it's not like I wrote my bit to primarily highlight the fact that Hocotate was spelled wrong. </herpderp>
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So I guess this isn't going to become a creepypasta meme, eh?
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No, didn't you know? Hocotate colonized Holocate 100 years ago. Olimar (L) chose to live there away from Olimar (C) because Olimar (C) reminds him too much of his boss, what's-his-name of the Black Hole Loan Sharks. Olimar (L) is actually the guy who took the Dolphin in the intro cutscene of Pikmin 2.
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