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5 years ago#51
alucard4444 posted...
For real, how about a human. It could be just a leg, but all Pikmin-ified so that it isnt obvious that it is a leg. Like it could come down from the sky and have really thin arms that come at you (shoelaces). Then you have to attack it till you remove its armor (shoe) and expose its 5 mighty heads (toes). Once you defeat all of the heads, it takes off.

It could be pretty cool, and is actually somewhat likely that they will do it.

This sounds more like a possessed shoe. But thank you for making a superboss.
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5 years ago#52
Atleast he tried. :)

Reverse Falcon Bump!
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5 years ago#53
Sparx, what does Rareware have to do with the idea?
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5 years ago#54

Because I'm a narsicistic b******. :D
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