Louie vs President.

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5 years ago#11
Louie - 6
President - 3

-Inedible. Tastes like chicken."

Exactly why I voted for Louie.
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5 years ago#12
Louie - 6
President - 4
"Cheerios will not send your balls into space"- Kyle 3
5 years ago#13
Louie - 7
President - 4

The cooking notes in general were all funny.
Got it memorized?
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5 years ago#14
Louie - 7
President - 5

It takes skill to dodge loan collectors, you know?
Take it easy only moderately, fellas.
5 years ago#15
Louie - 8
President - 5

Louie survived on a planet that has a poisonous atmosphere to Hocotations. That says things about him. The fact that I am Louie in the CYOA has nothing to do with it of course.
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5 years ago#16
Louie - 9
President - 5

The cooking notes, and somehow managing to survive by himself for however long it takes you to find him. Particularly the cooking notes.

The fact that his thing is blue is not withstanding.
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5 years ago#17
Louie - 10
President - 5

I like them both, but I like Louie more. Simple as that. :B
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is a great game I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone and their dog.
5 years ago#18

Louie- 11

President- 5

5 years ago#19
me for SSBU I'll bring ukulele Pichu and take everyone down
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5 years ago#20
"Never been righteous, though seldom were wrong"
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