Strange Creatures, Cosmic Intervention, & Men in Blue and Red(SpAl)

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*from the PoV of Olimar*
“Jinx!” cackled Emmi. “Sorry, I just can’t miss an opportunity. But I’m serious when I say spirits.”
To assure myself, I asked my own question. “I hope that by ‘spirits’ you mean the ghost kind, not the alcoholic kind?” “Of course!” replied Emmi. “I don’t think that President would allow THAT on board.”
“What a-about the one that p-possessed me?” stuttered Louie.
Emmi frowned thoughtfully. “Well,” she said breezily, “I think the possessor was one of the three Terrible Ones-either Hatred, Evil, or-horror of horrors-Darkness!”
“Why ‘horror of horrors?” I inquired. “And why is that applied to this Darkness fellow?”
“Darkness,” explained Emmi, “is the worst of the very worst. She is The Destroyer, Opposite of All That Is Good and Holy, et cetera. And she-yes, Darkness is a she-tends to possess innocent mortals for fun.”
“J-just like that?” squeaked a completely unnerved Louie.
“Well, not like ‘oh there’s a random guy, I guess I’ll possess him,’” corrected Emmi. “Temptation-or the very idea-must be there first. So, Louie, you probably thought it for a split second and Darkness jumped on that idea-and an opportunity.”
“Ah. Well,” I muttered, “I believe that if you’re fine with it, I am too.”
“Whew!” Louie was just relieved.
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*from the PoV of Emmi*
“Whew your own self,” I said with a grin filling my face. “I’m just as glad as you to be over that crisis.”
The Captain agreed. “We should all be thankful that the spirit left when it did.”
“Hell yeah…” Seemed that Louie was back to normal. “Hey, Emmi? Is your race artistic at all?”
“Well, that was a random question,” I said. “However, yes, my race is often artistic-some better than others. Myself, I guess I’m OK. It’s kinda cartoonish.”
“I can tell!” laughed Louie. “There are some drawings over here! I think they’re yours!”
Yes, they were. So I showed Louie & Olimar some of my pictures.
However, as I was showing them a picture of Luigi (you know, the Mario Bros?), Olimar’s communicator started going off. “I wholeheartedly apologize, President, but I have some things to attend to,” he muttered.
I heard giggling- kids giggling- from the other end. “This isn’t your boss!” the children giggled.
“These are your kids!”
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*from the PoV of Olimar*
I quickly turned to the screen. In it, I saw my daughter Jenny, my son Mark, and the family pet Bulbie. To be completely honest with you, I was very glad to see them.
“Mark! Jenny! Oh, you wouldn’t believe how I missed you-nor would you easily believe what’s going on!” “We aren’t blind, Dad!” laughed Mark. “We can see a really big creature behind you!”
“Hey, now,” smirked Emmi. “No need to call me a ‘creature.’ I’m not some dumb beast.” She laughed at my children’s surprised expressions. “Ah, don’t act so surprised. Just call me Emmi.”
“What’s going on over there?” cut in Louie. Seriously-he cut into the comm line. Then he laughed. “So these are your kids, Captain? Ha, they look like a nice bunch.” “And you must be Louie,” smiled Jenny. “I already knew that you were going to that planet with Dad, but I never knew what you looked like.”
Suddenly, I remembered something. “Children,” I inquired, “did you ask your mother for permission?”
They suddenly looked scared. “Dad…” whispered Mark, “Mom…hasn’t been the same at all since you left…” “What?” I asked worriedly. “What has she done?” Their in-unison reply chilled me to the bone.
“She’s turned our lives into a living hell.”
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*from the PoV of Captain Olimar*
I was shocked to hear them say that. “W-what do you mean?!?” I screeched in surprise. “What do you mean by ‘living hell’?!?”
“We mean just that,” whispered Jenny in a terribly mature and serious tone. “She’s been blowing most of the money on cheap thrills for her, and we don’t have that much food.” She looked at the dog. “Bulbie has barely gotten a bite since last week. Most likely because HE won’t be helping anything when Mom’s old.”
“That’s not the worst of it,” said Mark. “If we even watch the TV, she whacks our rears ‘till they’re red. (Currently, I can’t sleep on my back.) So this, this being what we’re doing right now, is really risky.”
I felt like my head was about to explode. My wife, Anneretta, had always seemed like a good (as in non-abusive) caretaker. Had she been hiding all this!?
“Captain.” Louie broke into the line. “Ah…Jenny. You said your mom was blowing all the cash, right?” “You’re right,” replied Jenny. “Well, I HOPE that only your dad will get this,” informed Louie, “ but maybe she’s blowing something else…” He looked sort of odd. “Wish not granted, Louie,” muttered Mark. “We both know what you’re talking about.” He looked at me. “We learned at school, but it wasn’t a curriculum class. However, as far as we know, Mom’s NOT I repeat *NOT* cheating.”
Suddenly, footsteps were heard in the background, and I *knew* who it was-and the evasive maneuver.
I, Louie, and even Emmi instructed them what to do-
“Run for your life!”
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*from the PoV of Anneretta*
I walked into the den (that’s where the computer is) and noticed that there was a moving image of Olimar-my husband-on the screen. I got a strange sense of foreboding up my spine just then when I realized that it was a video-communicator on there. I decided to greet him, and deal with the hellspawn later. <Better act all suck-up,> I mentally muttered. “Oh, hi Olimar!! What’s going on-“ But then I got cut off by a weird creature in the background. “Don’t even try, missy. Don’t ask me how, or why, or who, but ALL of us over here know what’s up with Mark and Jenny. Thus, sucking up to the Captain won’t do you any good what-so-ever.” This caught me waaaay off guard, and Olimar took up the speaking.
“To think that I trusted you!” he exclaimed, anger and disgust clearly on his face. “And yet, when I left you alone, you did…you ‘ve wasted the money and not only neglected but BEAT the children!?! What has come over you, Anneretta?!? TELL ME!!!!”
I was more than ready to go through the screen and knock everyone silly when the creature’s eyes caught mine. Suddenly, emotions began to rush through me. Something…some *voice* that no one else seemed to hear ran through me…it yelled, <Anneretta!! This isn’t you! Get back to your normal self! Get rid of this streak! Wake up! Wake UP! WAKE UUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!>
Just as suddenly, I found myself lying on the floor, sobbing…
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*3rd person PoV*
When Anneretta woke up, her children were standing over her. “*groan* *sniff* Oh…hi…sorry…” she murmured in a sorry, groggy state. Then she woke up a little more. “Ohh…I’m really sorry for everything. I really am. But, you see-“
Jenny cut her off. “Believe it or not, the weird creature over there-Emmi-explained what happened.”
“She said that someone did that to you,” added Mark. “She said that some evil chick named Darkness ‘corrupted’ you. Don’t ask me why or how, but Emmi ‘cleansed’ you…hopefully.”
“She did!” exclaimed Anneretta. “I really think that she did!” She then threw her arms around her children. “I-I swear, that wasn’t me! Th-this’ll never happen ever, ever again!”
[Meanwhile, back on our other planet…]
“No worries, Captain,” grinned Emmi. “Your wife is as good as gold now.”
“Are you quite sure that she wasn’t harmed?!” Olimar was concerned-nothing of this kind had happened before! “Not unless you count the fall,” chuckled Emmi. “And even then, that looked like plush carpet!”
“Ah, come on, ya brown-haired beast,” muttered Louie. “We’ve got stuff to do!”
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[Meanwhile, in that very same astral plane mentioned before…]
“Thank goodness!” breathed that very same astral figure. “Darkness has been so active lately…it’s a blessing that from the very start of the cosmos, good outweighed evil.”
She-yes, she-laughed lightheartedly. “Poor Louie…he was shaken hard, and for no reason…God. But as for Anneretta, all it took was a glance to remove Darkness’s corruption.” She glanced at what was going on.
“At this rate,” she murmured, “it’ll take a while before they’ll get done. Sigh. Don’t they realize that this sort of thing is honestly quite boring to watch?”
Suddenly, she had a very good idea!
“I know! I’ll just fast-forward the time!”
In what seemed to be an instant to her, 2 weeks flew by in Olimar and Louie’s world.
“Excellent!” she exclaimed. “Now I’ve got to finish this off…plus, I’m quite happy to see the boys again.”
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*from the PoV of Louie*
I had no idea where the past 2 weeks had gone, except for one thing: Olimar and I had utterly and completely annihilated the debt! Not only that, but we both got some major cash bonuses-and all because of our favorite alien youth, Emmi!
However, since there was no logic in staying there any longer than we had to, it was decided that it was a very good choice to leave. But that decision was *tough*. Neither one of us really wanted to leave Emmi. And yet, Olimar had a family to attend to. Personally, I have no family that I need to tend to at the time of writing-but to be honest, I’d like to start one. (And you can’t do that without a same-species girl, you know!)
So on our last day there, we all stopped at the edge of Emmi’s table-exactly where we first met her. “You have NO IDEA how much you’ve helped us, Emmi!” I cried out, on the verge of tears.
“And to think,” whispered Olimar, “that an adolescent alien female could bring my family back together…” He sighed. “We will both miss you to an extreme degree, Emmiline.”
Emmi looked confused. “I’m pleased at all the attention,” she said, “but why are you going to miss me?”
“Duuuuuuh!” I shouted. “You won’t be with us! It’s not like you can get on The Ship with us!” “Oh, yes I can,” chuckled Emmi. Olimar was also confused. “Now, Emmiline, how can you possibly…” But he trailed off, eyes widening in the way that a Hocotatian’s eyes do.
Emmi was starting to shrink!
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*from the PoV of Captain Olimar*
I was absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that Emmi, who was once potentially hundreds of times my size, was shrinking at an astoundingly rapid rate! (Not only that, but her clothes were shrinking to match. Which was EXTREMELY fortunate, because there were *several* things that shouldn’t be seen.) By the time she was finished (it took approximately 5 min), she was standing on the edge of the table. She was only an inch or so larger than us. “Whoa. That was effing awesome,” Louie breathed. “Can all of your species do that?”
“Nope,” chuckled Emmi. “Only I can shrink like that. I’m quite proud of it, too.” She looked back and forth. “So…what the hell are we waiting for? Let’s get over to The Ship and blast our butts to Hocotate!” “Calm down there, Emmi,” I laughed. “We mustn’t forget the rest of ourselves!”
After a good laugh, we ran toward The Ship, which again started to buzz wildly. {Olimar! Louie! There is a life-form that is very much like Emmi here! However, it’s much smaller!} “Knock it off, Ship!” said an amused and annoyed Emmi. “I’m the same chick, I just shrunk!” {In that case,} beeped The Ship, {I get the mechanical idea that you want on.} “You bet!” Emmi cried. The Ship made an extremely strange series of beeps. It took me a bit to realize that it was laughing! {Oh, you wonderful little creature!} it bleeped after the laughter let up. {It’s a slight bit cramped, but there’s enough room! Come in if you please!} Of course, that was what Emmi pleased to do. We all boarded The Ship in single file…
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*from the PoV of Emmi*
The inside of The Ship was as messy as the outside, but I didn’t mind. However, I was *seriously* glad that I was wearing a jacket AND an undershirt, because as the boys’ll tell you, the thermostat was broken, and I had to alternate between wearing all I had and having the jacket & main shirt floating around (ever heard of zero-g?) and me in a t-shirt. To keep myself and the boys entertained, I told them some jokes-along with a few autocorrect fails. (That means ‘while texting’ autocorrect.) I had them pretty entertained when The Ship started to buzz.
{Olimar! Louie! Emmi! President is calling via video! Should I let him in?} “Go ahead,” sighed Olimar.
The President’s face appeared on a large screen, and a light above the screen went on-guess that meant we’re on live feed. That theory was confirmed by the fact that I was being stared at by the guy. So I told him what I did and what all happened. At least he understood.
“Well, at least you’re not killing anyone,” he said. “I wouldn’t,” I replied. “However, I’ve got one question…”
“Shoot,” President smirked. I swear that this just came out of my mouth, but here I go-
“When you last looked out the window, were you arrested for mooning?!” (I can be very impulsive.)
President made a really funky face and tuned out. For about 4 seconds, it was silent.
Suddenly, laughter ensued! Louie was just laughing his poor little head off, and Olimar was both laughing and yelling, “Look out the window…mooning! Ohhhh, dear lord!” Heck, even The Ship was laughing. I smiled. This was going to be good.
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