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4 years ago#61
“Since college? And he hasn’t tried to contact your family once?” yelped an utterly stunned Luigi.
“Not even once, and my family has called off the search.” I sighed once more. “If I ever *did* find him, I’d be eternally grateful.” “Well,” replied Luigi, “I guess that’s how it goes.”
*3 hours later*
After dinner at the Royal Palace (where I got to meet the S-side—hint, the High King was Sonic), I started heading home when Louie caught up to me. “I’m here,” he said, panting from his run. “And I’m sorry, but I’ve got no other way home…” “I’m more than fine with you tagging along on the Dolphin,” I said jovially.
With that, I pulled out the keychain and pushed a button. Within minutes, the Dolphin had landed, ready to take us back to Hocotate. {Come on, Captain!} she buzzed happily. {It’s go time!} With that, we loaded up and were off.
When we got back, I parked in my garage and helped Louie to his apartment. When I settled back into my house, I noticed a handwritten note by Anneretta. It read as such:
“Dear Olimar, I’ve taken the kids to the hot springs-and the dog, too! We’ll be back tomorrow at about 10:00 AM. Love, your wife Anneretta.”
I was pleased to see the note there, but as I lay in bed that night, a buzzing thought in the back of my head prevented me from sleeping properly. [What if my brother is dead? What if my brother ran away? What if my brother joined the Space Pirates? What if my brother was forced into *shudder* male prostitution? What if my brother-]
<Hold up, hold up!> interjected Emmi. <None of that happened, Captain! (And get over your homophobia!) Your brother is pretty much fine!> <What do you mean, ‘pretty much’?!>I mentally screeched. <Well, he’s overweight and has some gingivitis…that’s all, really.> I breathed a mental sigh of relief-that wasn’t major. <In point of fact,> laughed Emmi, <you already know him! You interact with him a lot, in point of fact…> <Who?> I inquired. <Try to find out for yourself…> And with that, she was gone.
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4 years ago#62
*2 days later*
Did I mention that it was a Saturday when I got home? I guess I didn’t. It was, and as such 2 days later…Monday. Back to work, I guess.
However, President was acting very obnoxious-he barged in on me sorting packages twice and interrupted my lunch break! By the end of the day, I was quite annoyed. Or, as Louie put it, “really pissed off.”
That evening, I was helping Louie home when he remembered something odd that President had said. “Olimar? President said something weird today. He said that he couldn’t remember any of his childhood-and had no living family that he knew about.” “None whatsoever?” “What-so-ever. But he said that if he could ever remember any of that…he’d give the world!” I smiled some. “The world, eh?” I laughed aloud. “Well, I could think of an acceptable substitute…”
Louie swiftly realized what I was talking about. “Could it be…a big-ass raise?” he said, a smirk dominating his face. “Oh, you could say that…” I murmured.
*The following day…*
I stepped into President’s office. “Is there something wrong, Captain Olimar?” he asked, some annoyance spreading into his voice. I smiled. “I’ve heard of a certain plight of yours…correct me if I’m wrong, but…you’ve forgotten many of your memories?” President seemed stunned. “How did *you* know? You’re absolutely right! But…why the hell are you talking about it?”
Behind me stepped in a man in professional-looking garb. “This, President, is a hypnotherapist-a well-licensed one, to boot. He _may_ be able to help.” President seemed pleasantly surprised. “That’s great, Olimar!” The hypnotherapist stepped in. “My apologies, Captain, but I need private time here. Just me and him.” I stepped outside the office and sat in one of the chairs there.
15 minutes in, however, I suddenly heard what sounded like President screeching! This was confirmed by the hypnotherapist rushing out. “Captain Olimar! Something’s gone wrong! The President of Hocotate Freight is on the floor, and he’s yelling for his brother!” “You didn’t need to tell me the last part,” I muttered-I could hear him loud and clear, crying, “Brother, brother! Where’s my brother?!”
I went in, intending to calm him down. It worked, but not in the intended way-he went silent at the sight of me. “Are you quite all right, President?” I inquired. President looked at me-he actually made eye contact for once. He looked me over.
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4 years ago#63
"N-no, no," I said, on the verge of laughing. "Don't be so silly. We don't even look alike, I can't possibly be your brother!" But President...he had other ideas. "I'm not being silly! You're wearing the same suit, for goodness's sakes!" That froze me on the spot. You see, before I even started school, I became deadly interested in the space program and dressed up as an astronaut for Halloween-and usually wore it to preschool, grade school, and wherever else. When I grew out of it, I'd tell Mom and we'd look for some more stuff for it. The spacesuit that I wore now was much like my childhood costume in appearance. Obviously, my brother would know of it.
But President, of all was so fantastically odd that it intrigued me. I crouched down to the floor, facing President at eye level. "President. Before all of this, what's the last thing that you remember?" He appeared deep in thought. Then he recalled. "It was days before my college graduation," he said tentatively. "Some male students...hypnotherapists in training...they said they wanted to practice on me, but when I got there, they ambushed me and struck me against a wall! I was about to break out but then they did something...I dunno...but after that..." He threw his hands up in resignation. "This is what I know. I'm in an office of some sort, with someone who I hope is my brother beside me, I've gained weight...way too much weight...and I feel...different somehow."
"Older, perhaps?" I inquired. President looked tense. " long has it been since that day, Olimar?" I sighed. "About 12 years, by my estimate." "12 years?!" exclaimed President. "12 [redacted] years since...since...I've been aware?!" (Yes, I redacted that myself.) "For lack of a less harsh reality, yes," I responded solemnly. "Oh, my god...12 years and I don't remember a moment of it!" He was sobbing. The hypnotherapist walked in. "I can assure you that the group that assaulted him did not include me. However, in order to verify your state of fraternity(translation-us being brothers), we'll need to test your DNA." "Better safe than sorry," I responded quietly, while attempting to console my potential brother.
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4 years ago#64
*from the PoV of President(?), 1 day later*
I was shellshocked from yesterday. Was it true that I'd lost over a decade of my life? According to Olimar, this was very true. I'd gained fame as the owner of Hocotate Freight, but...I wasn't a very good boss. At all. In point of fact, I tended to insult my workers-and Olimar was one of them...I bit the inside of my mouth to keep from sobbing.
Both Olimar and I were in the front room of the DNA testing lab. Our names were called, and we walked into the room we were given. They did a blood test, but I was a bit of a problem for the docs. "This isn't going to hurt." "If you don't stop shaking, I can't locate the vein!" "Stop tensing up!" I felt like my head was about to explode. I felt like *I* was about to explode! But before I could do anything, Olimar grabbed my hand tightly-and in a very specific way.
"*sigh* Olimar, you remember the trouble that was caused LAST time you did that trick!" I whispered. Olimar scowled. "Well, if you cause any trouble, I'll make sure that you're immobilized swiftly." (In case you're wondering, the last time we used it was when we were about 9, and that's what led to me writing that note. Olimar was incorrect.)
About 1 hour later, the doc came back in. "Results?" I inquired worriedly. The doc kept a straight face. "The DNA tests show that..." "That WHAT?!" Olimar screeched. "That President is correct," replied the doc. "You really are brothers."
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4 years ago#65
*3rd person PoV*
"Are you kidding me?" screeched Olimar. "Is this some kind of sick joke?! I-it's impossible, it's completely impossible!" President, however, did not mind his behavior. "He's stressed, upset, and in denial, Doc. He's got all right to throw a fit. And the fact that I represent something negative for him-namely a somewhat-poor boss-does NOT help the fellow. Cut him a break."
The doctor sighed. "Do you remember if he would act up like this as a child?" President laughed a somewhat dry and sad laugh. "He threatened to commit suicide because Mom lied to him about the birds and the bees." The doc seemed intrigued. "How so?" President bit the inside of his mouth. "She told him the stork explanation when he'd read one of Mom's books on the real thing." He then laughed again. "He was only 6 at the time!" The doc jumped. "Talk about starting early!" Then he turned to Olimar, who seemed to be calming down...
*from the PoV of Louie*
I was just walking down the road-that and remembering the incident yesterday, when President was escorted swiftly out of the building. He was crying. Now everyone had a day off. I'm not complaining about it, but it smelled fishier than the dock market.
My remembering the incident caused me to lose my bearings with reality for a few seconds-just enough time for me to collide with someone on the street. This someone just happened to be Olimar. He looked fairly fazed, in my opinion. "Oh, hey, Captain," I said. "Sorry about running into you-quite literally!" Olimar muttered something about it being fine-but his mind seemed elsewhere. "Was your attempt at super-extreme brown-nosing yesterday worst-case scenario?"
Olimar started to pay attention now. "Not worst-case, but strangest-case scenario." "Whaddya mean, strangest-case?" I said starkly. "Well..." he said quietly. "Do you remember my brother?" "Hell YES, Captain! That near-suicidal nutcase, all for you! (And he half-killed me, too...) But he hasn't been seen since college...right?" Olimar frowned, a grave expression upon his face. "He just has been. By DNA testing, we have found that President is, in fact, my brother."
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4 years ago#66
*from the PoV of Louie*
"Dude. Are you kiddin' me?" I was freaked out to the point that you could've seen the scarlet of my eyes. (Yeah, my irises are scarlet. Cut me a break!) Olimar frowned. "This isn't something I could kid about, Louie. 2 days ago, the possibility could not even cross my mind. This isn't something that I could make up." "*sigh* Well, I'm not going to deny it," I said dully. "If it's so, then it's so. But, I've got another question..." "Tell me," stated Olimar.
"Where in the name of all that is good and right IS President?" Olimar stopped dead in his tracks. He tried to say something, but nothing was coming out. I was unamused. "Oh, for the love of Emmiline! Are you saying that you don't know where he is now?! The man's a mental wreck! Letting him wander about won't help!" Olimar told me to calm down. "There's no problem," he explained. "I have his cellular phone number in my contacts list, so contacting him will not be a problem."
Honestly, I wasn't caring for this conversation, so I made some lameass excuse to weasel myself out of it. Olimar bought it-literally. By that I mean he liked the excuse to the point that he gave me 10 bucks to use it himself. Then he ran off. I sighed. I decided to take the bus home. I looked at almost everyone in the bus. Was there something wrong with their life, too? I couldn't help but wonder-wonder to the point that I almost missed my stop.
When I got into my apartment, for some reason I felt absolutely horrible. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Like some demon had clawed inside me, and was replacing all my proper emotions with dark, cold, bitter ones. I felt like I was turned inside-out. <I can't take this!> I screeched inside my own head. <If life is going to be like this, then what's the goddamn POINT?!> I looked around, fast. I was in the kitchen. I opened all of the drawers until I reached a very particular, important one.
The knife drawer.
I grabbed a knife and took it out. I'd heard that if you cut your wrists deep enough, you'd die. Absolutely perfect for what I wanted. I sunk the blade in deep...
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4 years ago#67
*from the PoV of Captain Olimar*
The day after, President (yes, that's his real name, Mom was always sort of crazy) declared that he still wanted to be the definitive President of Hocotate Freight. My comment, you ask? That would be, "Just don't call anyone a dolt anymore!" President was willing to comply. However, I was surprised to learn that if President was unable to perform his job correctly, I would be his replacement!
I was writing up some plans in case that happened, but then I saw Louie. Unlike yesterday, where he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, today he was wearing his spacesuit. Now, I know that *my* spacesuit is daily attire for me, but he said that when he could, he'd avoid wearing it. I stood up and inquired about this to Louie. He seemed embarrassed. "Oh, uh...I-I was trying to cook yesterday, and I had an accident with a kitchen knife." He seemed nervous-almost too nervous.
"Where did you cut yourself?" I asked, not being able to think of any other accidents with a kitchen knife while working alone. Again, Louie hesitated. "Um...right wrist. Pretty deep, too. N-now will you leave me alone?" "Of course," I said. I was about to spy on him when my cell phone rang. It was Anneretta. I picked up. {Oh, Olimar, I'm so glad that you answered!} she said over the phone. {I took the kids to that other planet-Terazin? The one with those Royals?-and I can't find the kids anywhere!} This concerned me, so I told her that I'd be there in a few minutes and hung up. I told President, and he was fine with me leaving.
I used the Dolphin to quickly get over there. Anneretta hugged me as she saw me. "Olimar! I'm glad you came!" she cried. Then she let go. "I'm thinking that we should check the hospital first," she reasoned. "That way, if the kids got hurt, we'll be there to help in no time!" A rational plan, I thought. As of such, we went into the hospital a few blocks away and told them of our children-appearance, species (the secretary was a shelled being known as a Koopa, so why not), like/dislikes...but the secretary said that she'd seen none of the sort; however, we were free to look.
Anneretta and I were talking about different possibilities in the corridor when we ran into one of the human doctors. But this human looked slightly different. Then I realized that I'd seen all of these features before on someone else...
"Mario?" I inquired. "Is that you?!"
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4 years ago#68
The doctor seemed stunned for a moment;then, he laughed aloud! His laugh sounded much like Mario's... "Ohh, you wouldn't believe how many have said that!" he chuckled once his laughter died down. "But you're not off at all. I'm kind of a cosmic re-creation of Mario. Just call me Dr. Mario." Anneretta seemed stunned, but I reminded her of everything that had happened in these past few days. The mere reminder of all that got her back to relative normal.
"Pleased to meet you, Dr. Mario," I cordially said, extending a hand. He took my hand and shook it. (While he was a bit strong, this was only to be expected-while for some reason they were much smaller than Emmi once was, Dr. Mario was about double my height-and bound to be stronger!) But then I remembered why we had came here in the first place. "Pardon if I ask," I inquired, "but have you seen 2 children (1 male, 1 female) of my species, the male with a baseball cap and athletic shirt, and the female in a hoodie that's pink-and-white?" I then had to take some deep breaths, for I said that all in one breath.
Dr. Mario giggled. "Yes...but they've had quite a wardrobe addition..." "What exactly?" asked Anneretta. Our answer came around the corner and down the hall, with our own children's starry cries of "Doc Maaaaaaaarioooooooo!" The two of them had not only their normal clothes on, but a lab coat over them! However, the moment they saw Anneretta and I, they went into statue mode. Jenny was the first one depetrified, and she was shaken. "Mom. D-Dad. P...please don't ground us. We were helping Doc Mario! And we were doing really well!"
I was confused. "Did you clean up or help the patients?" "Neither," stated Dr. Mario; I jumped because he was directly behind me. "Sorry," he said. "But allow me to explain. You see, I saw the kids running around inside, so as a joke I told them that only qualified doctors could loiter in the hallways. They said that they wanted to become one, and I thought that was cute, so I gave them a test, which medical students here are required to take. It has some parts open-book and others not. I gave them a quick crash course in Human and Koopa biology first." "So, did they pass?" inquired Anneretta. An amazed look flashed through Dr. Mario's eyes. "Pass," he quietly and dazedly said, "is a horrid understatement." He gulped, and barely breathed the last sentence-
"They both aced the whole thing."
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#69
"ACED it?!" exclaimed Anneretta, who seemed entirely bowled over. "They got every single question right?!" "Yeah, we did," said Mark, who was acting as if this was nothing of importance. But oh, how wrong he was! "Mark and Jenny. Do you not realize," I stated slowly, "that the test that you were given was normally one to be given to those that have studied for years, and beg Fate and Fortune for a C grade-and you've gotten an A+ grade with no formal training?" "You bet your bum we know!" snapped Jenny. "Hey, at least we know where we got it from." She was staring me in the eyes, and I knew she was referring to me.
"These children," explained Dr. Mario, "already qualify for a medical degree. Plus, in the time that they've been here, they've already split DNA and tinkered with virus RNA. These kids could change the face of medicine!" I smiled. "Well," I started to inquire politely, "what are you trying to infer? Do you want them to become your apprentice?" Dr. Mario shook his head. "Not in particular," he admitted. "Actually, I'd like them to work here." He read my then- shocked face like a book. "Only if they want to. They'd be able to research as they pleased, and they'd get paid well." I turned toward Mark and Jenny. They vigorously nodded. I turned to Anneretta. She turned to Dr. Mario and asked, "Will they be safe?" He shrugged and said, "Nothing is 100% safe, but this's pretty safe."
There was agreement all around-Mark and Jenny would be here a lot, but I was free to pick them up. And right now, they wanted to go home. So, why not? We went home-in the Dolphin, of course. {Hey, Captain!} smiled the Dolphin when we went in. {Say...what's up with the lab coats, kids?} I explained what happened. She seemed surprised. {Whoa! Aced a college-level test?!} She cackled. {Well, there's no question who THEY take after, huh? Uh, no offense, Anneretta.} "None taken," laughed Anneretta. (In case you're wondering why Dolphin knows about my intelligence, it's because I assembled a spaceship from scrap parts and used her thrown-out CPU in it when I was 11. And it worked!) Eventually, we landed back at our house. As I settled into an armchair, my phone suddenly began to ring! Who could it be, I wonder...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#70
I picked up the phone and looked at the screen. It announced that my caller was Louie, so I answered. "Hello, Louie. Captain Olimar speaking." {O-oh, hey Captain. Just checking in on you. Are the kiddies OK? Hey, what's going on?} I'd started laughing after he asked if they were OK. 'OK' was an extreme understatement, and I told him why-however, you already ought to know! When I finished, Louie seemed very impressed. {A medical degree...Damn impressive, Olimar. I guess that you're all pretty lucky!} "I guess that we are," I laughed. "But I can't waste my cellular-phone minutes!" {I-I guess so. See ya later...}
I set my phone back on its cradle. I used my right hand--and that gave me a full view of my right wrist. It had mostly scarred over by now...but I flashed back to the moment after...
Blood had splashed on the floor--but none of it mattered to Louie. What did matter was the fact that the slash to the wrist had done the opposite of what he intended it to do-instead of ending it all, it made him feel born he'd been given a made him feel alive. But no one could know about this...he immediately began washing the knife...
Again, I felt mentally dead. Again, I felt the need to stab myself, to slice myself to the bone...and the compulsion to feel anew. I felt like the pain was my only connection to life itself...already I felt disconnected, as if the rattling in the knife drawer was not because of me...<No!> I shrieked mentally. <Gotta-urrgh...gotta be awake...gotta be alive...g-gotta...>
I must have just snapped right there, because the next thing that I knew, there were slivers of skin and slices of flesh up and down my arms. But...I didn't care. I felt alive. That was all that mattered for me. No person could have been more important than me feeling alive.
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
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