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4 years ago#71
The next day, Louie was again wearing his spacesuit. When asked, he muttered something about a feline that did not want him around and a fight that he lost (the bout was with a rosebush). I nodded and went on, but something seemed very off.
*After the workday*
Jenny texted me the moment that I got out of work. The text was as such- "Dad, could you pick us up?" A reasonable request. I texted Anneretta to let her know and flew off in the Dolphin. On the way there, she noticed that I was acting strangely. {What's up, Captain? Is there a problem of some sort?} I explained the situation with Louie to her, and she was soon deep in thought-evidenced by the clicking in her drives! {I don't mean to make you paranoid,} she concluded, {but this does seem pretty suspicious.} Suspicious indeed.
When we arrived, I hopped out and ran into the hospital lobby-but it was deserted. Even the Koopa secretary was absent. With plenty of suspicion mixed with a hint of paranoia, I slammed open several doors to get into the inner sanctum of the hospital--only to find a bustle of people and an alarm screeching a {WeeeEEEET! WeeeEEEET!} (I tried to cover my ears, but I forgot that my space helmet was there. Silly me, I suppose.) I ran forward only to quite literally run into Mark and Jenny. "Why is the alarm going off?!" I yelled as soon as I got over the initial shock. "More like this particular alarm," yelled back Jenny. "It means medical emergency that got redirected from Hocotate!"
This seemed odd to me. "Address of emergency?" I inquired. "That would be 40923 Nerikou Lane, apartment 648-I," reported Mark with the straightest of faces. I jumped. "Get me on site!" I commanded. "What, do you know who lives there?" laughed Jenny. "This is not something to laugh about!" I snapped. "That is Louie's address!"
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4 years ago#72
Fate and Fortune on our side, the hospital had its own spaceship--and surprisingly enough, Dr. Mario was a fairly adept space pilot. He had to wear a space helmet, however-the atmosphere of Hocotate was dangerous to humans! We swiftly loaded up and got to Nerikou Lane, where the landlord of Louie's apartment complex ran up to Dr. Mario. "Oh, thank goodness that you're here!" exclaimed the landlord. "Louie's in a terrible state right now-I'm sorry, but the only way that I can describe it is...he's all bloody... those kids shouldn't see..." "Oh, but we must," snapped Jenny, bowling straight past him with Mark right behind. "They're assistant doctors, believe it or not," I explained to the landlord; after that, I ran in myself.
I dashed to apartment 648-I, wondering what could have happened to Louie--but my thoughts were interrupted by running into Dr. Mario, again quite literally. He looked scared, very scared; and I had to say the same for Mark and Jenny! "What's the problem?" I asked quietly. Mark quietly spoke. "We need to get the major-injuries bag QUICK, before he hits code blue." "Code blue?" "Cardiac arrest. Would you mind keeping an eye on him?" I had no choice but to agree, so I finished my dash to 648-I and opened the door.
But the moment that I went into the kitchen (well, where else would Louie be?), I almost hit code blue myself! Louie was lying upon the floor, barely breathing and eyes closed--and his arms had terrible gashes up and down! I swore that I saw bone...and it was true, in all horrible fortune. Blood was spattered all over...I'd even gotten some on my spacesuit...but that wasn't the worst part. Louie was holding a kitchen knife in his right hand, and very tightly so...It was as bloody as the rest of everything around him, if not more so. I came to the conclusion that he had brought this upon himself--but why?! "Why, Louie?!" I exclaimed aloud, unexplained tears springing to my eyes. To my shock and utter amazement, he quietly responded..."Because without the knife's edge...I am not alive..."
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4 years ago#73
At that moment, Dr. Mario and my children rushed in. They quickly triaged Louie...but my mind was stuck on what Louie said. Why did he claim that he was not alive without the edge of the knife, when he almost killed himself with it?! I was shocked just to think that Louie-who had always seemed almost normal-could slash himself so the bone...
"Dad!" Mark's cry cut into my thoughts. (*sigh* Sigmund Freud would be obsessing over me...) "We've got to take Louie to the hospital!" I groaned a bit, but we got on the hospital ship. On our way back, I told the others about what Louie had said. Their respective actions surprised me-Dr. Mario was dumbfounded, while Jenny and Mark seemed more thoughtful. "I'm thinking," stated Jenny, "that it's because since Louie has almost no family and absolutely no known SUPPORTIVE family, he needs something to cut through his numbness towards the world that he developed during a poor childhood. He just took a more literal approach than most." "...I actually agree with that theory," I said, somewhat amazed that Jenny could come up with such a complex yet accurate theory. Suddenly, our ship began to beep up a storm! "Get the rudders working, shift all thrust to engine 3, and s-" "Hold it!" yelled Dr. Mario, covering my mouth. "It's just trying to say that we've entered Terazin's atmosphere!"
"Sweet Emmiline...Is he going to be all right, Doctor?" "I can only hope, Olimar..." Hearing the word 'doctor' could only mean one thing- I was in a hospital. I knew that I was planning to overdo it- but not this much! At least Olimar was here, so... "*groan* D-Doc, I'm fine, will you lemme go home now?" "I'm sorry, Louie, but we cannot fill your request." That's classic Captain Olimar for you guys... "Well, why not?" I asked. Olimar responded with a facepalm. "Did you slash your eyes out as well?" he asked. "For you are blind as to what you're doing to yourself..."
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4 years ago#74
I knew that the first part of that was sarcastic. But what had I done to myself? So I asked Dr. Mario (nametag...). "Well," he said, "there are 2 ways that I can interpret that. If I take it one way, the answer is 'You've slashed your arms to the bone, severing several nerves in your right arm in the process.'" (Not good-sounding news, since I'm a rightie.) "If I took it the other way," continued Dr. Mario, "then the answer is, 'There's going to be some pretty bad scars on both your arms, and unless we make a very large leap in medical innovation, your right arm, from the elbow down, is pretty much unusable.'"
I was shellshocked. "No," I whispered quietly. "Can't be. It can't be true! Can't f$!?^%& be!" The doc tried to restrain me. "Listen, Louie, I know that you're upset butWAHHMAMIA!" Let's just say that he didn't say nothin' 'bout my right *leg*. "Don't give me this s%$#!" I screeched. "If my right arm's screwed, then I can hardly do anything worthwhile! I'M screwed!" I tried to raise myself out of the hospital bed. No dice--I never noticed the needles in my arms until then. Helpless--but so was Dr. Mario, still curled up on the floor. What was a guy to do? Then, I realized that there was a scalpel nearby. I thought about it. Since a life without half my right arm would be horrid, death was ideal. My left arm was pretty clumsy, but I grabbed it.
I put it to my throat. I thought of the Captain. "See you in hell," I said, with it being pure truth to me. He's so badass, I doubt that Heaven has a place for him. I, on the other hand, was just a lonely sinner...I put the blade straight through my throat...
I was conversing with Mark and Jenny over what to do with Louie, when Dr. Mario came rushing in. "Olimar! T-t-terrible news! L-L-Louie's dead!" "DEAD?!" I roared. "How is that possible?" "I was trying to explain to him that half his right arm didn't work now, but he kicked me in the groin! When I recovered, he had a scalpel jammed into his throat. But I swear that before that, he said 'See you in hell,' and I don't know who he was referring to!"
Everyone was staring at me-Dr. Mario, Jenny and Mark, even the janitor. I ran out of the room into Louie's hospital room. It was true-he was dead. I buried my face in the bloody sheets and cried. Out of anger. Out of sadness. But most of all, out of surprise. I had no idea that Louie would ever end his own life! I always thought that he'd outlive me! But now...he was gone.
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4 years ago#75
OK, I'll bet that the vast majority of you guys are freaking out by now. "leik WTF, i thought louie wuz ded!!" Ignoring the horrible spelling, grammar, and capitalization, you're right. I am dead. But let's just say that when it comes to death, there's a lot you guys (and girls) need to learn about.
You see, after I jammed that scalpel into my throat, I lost consciousness after about a minute. But then I felt like I came to. <How could this be?> I thought. <Is this a dream? Or has death somehow...eluded me?> Then, in a sense, I opened my eyes. I was shocked by what I saw. I was floating above my hospital bed-and there, smack-dab in the middle of the cot, in a small pool of blood, was the body that I'd inhabited mere minutes ago. It was groundshaking how many injuries I'd put upon myself...without me even caring.
Suddenly, my thoughts were thrown aside by a very strange and unfamiliar noise. I focused my attention to the side of the bed--and oddly enough, Olimar was there. It took me a moment to realize that he was crying. His head was buried in the sheets, and the marks of his tears were spreading. "Why..." he whispered, almost inaudible. I sighed. (Yes, I know that it would be weird for a dead guy to sigh, but I'll explain later. Bear with me here.) <Why is it,> I wondered, <that it's never until someone dies that they realize that others care?> I then turned my attention to the doorway, where Dr. Mario, Jenny, and Mark were looking in. The doc had removed his head mirror, and Mark had taken off his hat. Jenny had taken her hood down, which revealed 2 long braids. They all seemed very sorrowful.
That's about when I realized that I was some sort of a ghost-a floating blue form that others didn't seem to notice. I drifted down to Captain Olimar, who was still crying. [Don't worry for me, Olimar,] I whispered to him. [I'll be fine! And you're someone that I'll never forget!] I then exited the area, going through the walls to blue skies...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#76
Dude, this is a great story, but its pretty dark.
4 years ago#77
Amidst my sobbing, I was wondering what Louie's true final words were...but then I heard a voice, one that said, [Don't worry for me, Olimar. I'll be fine! And you're someone that I'll never forget!] I immediately looked up and around. "I'm sorry, Dad, but there's no use looking for him. He's gone." That's when I swung my head toward the door and realized that I was being watched by Mark, Jenny (who had stated the sentence), and the Doctor. I went a bit red when I saw them, but Dr. Mario walked over and placed his hand on my shoulder. "There's no need to be embarrassed," he whispered kindly. "You have all right to mourn-after all, he is your friend-but remember that one of these days, we'll be needing to remove the body."
I twitched involuntarily. "But he spoke to me," I protested. "H-he told me not to worry, that he's fine..." "It's probably just the stress getting to you, Captain," rushed the good Doctor. "Look, I realize that events have been stressful these past few days, but imagining things won't help!" He was starting to back off. "You know that I can't make these sorts of things up!" I screamed, arkenline (the Hocotatian version of adrenaline) beginning to rush through me. "I'm not imagining things! I'm not insane!..."
Despite what Olimar just said, that's about when he snapped. Normally, if he gets mad and we the kids are around, he'll hold it in. But this was not normal times, folks. Not at all.
He was starting to act like some animal, something with feral rage running through its veins--either that or way too much arkenline. He stared at Dr. Mario worse than Bulbie would stare at a squirrel. "You're wrong in so many ways!" he roared. "You're faking! Louie c-can't be dead! It's impossible!" I realized that he was becoming unstable, and hot damn, it manifested itself loudly! Olimar just pitched a chair across the room like it was a Pikmin, and the Doc started to freak, big-time. "Stop! Stop! You have no idea what you're doing!" yelled the Doc in desperation. Olimar stared at him for a second--and his stare was pure bloodlust. Next thing everyone knew, Olimar was beating the living crap out of Dr. Mario! But Emmi must have been smiling on the Doc, because it didn't last long.
There was a sound in the air, and that was the last thing Dad heard until later--he had fallen unconscious. The doc was relived, but confused. I just laughed and slipped my blowgun back in my coat pocket.
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#78
I opened my eyes, and tried to remember what had just happened. The last thing that I remembered doing was declaring that I was not insane...but past that, I remembered nothing. As of right now, I was staring at a pale blue ceiling. It was nothing spectacular, but I wondered where I was. However, when I tried to leave my bed, I couldn't. I was somehow restrained. I took a glance at my wrists, and they had shackles about them-in other words, I was handcuffed to the bed. So I decided to use my voice.
"Hello? Is there anyone about? Could someone please come here? Can anyone explain what happened?" The response was Mark and Jenny running through a sliding door. They seemed slightly afraid, for reasons that I didn't know at the time. "*sigh* I realize that something probably happened before," I said, "but I'm fine now. I'm not going to bite!" They got a bit nearer. "I apologize for any inconvenience," I continued, "but could you please tell me what happened?" Jenny turned to Mark, and Mark shook his head before pulling out a coin. He flipped the coin, and apparently it wound up his side. He sighed, then walked up to my bed.
He told me everything that happened, and by the end I was shaken to the core. "Are you telling me that-" "Yes," Mark finished swiftly. "Dr. Mario-he's a little shaken. Overall fine, though. The chair-pretty resilient, it's fine. Jenny and I-we experienced worse while Mom went crazy." I was dumbfounded at how I was able to do such things and not remember them, but it was not of the utmost concern at the time. "Your mother must be concerned about all of us," I stated. "If you wouldn't mind unshackling me, I'll take you home. And one more thing..." "What would that be?" asked Jenny.
"Let us never speak of this again."
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#79
*Louie, 2 hours later*
Amazingly, I made it back to Hocotate no problemo. It was pretty fast, too--I covered the distance in less than half a minute! When I got there, I decided to pay a visit to the Hocotate Freight main building. It was up and running again, and I was pleased for that.
Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head. <Why are you just floating?> it asked. The voice was almost demonic in tone...<Haven't you something else to do? getting revenge?> <G-no!> I yelped, suddenly very scared. <What the hell are you trying to pull? And WHO are you, anyways?!> <Just someone,> it whispered. <Listen, all the stress that lead up to your suicide was caused by President--you have to trust me on this. You may not realize it, but it's his doing.> I was about to call her something that would be bleeped out on a porn set-but suddenly, I lost all control...
I was in my office, minding my own business. I'd gotten used to being the boss of this place, and was enjoying it immensely--not that I like to boss people around, but at least it gives some meaning to those 12 years. I decided to get myself some water from the fountain. But there was one problem.
I couldn't move!
I'm serious--I couldn't move a thing on my body. <Oh no, oh no. Am I screwed over?> I thought. But then, there was another thought in my head--one that did not belong to me. <Pfft. Enjoying yourself? Not anymore? Well, TOO BAD! You know you're at fault! You know you're guilty of a very parTICular crime!> <Whaa-wazza-what?!?> I cried in thought. <What are you talking about? And who the hell are you, anyways?> <It's Louie, you bastard!> he screeched. <And don't try to deny it! You know you're responsible for my pain--you deserve to die!...just as I did...> I had no idea what was going on...but you had better believe that I found out from him.
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#80
*Olimar, the following morning*
Now, allow me to remind you that I was saddened by the loss of Louie. However, it was best not to dwell on it--I still had a family to attend to. After breakfast, I got the children to the hospital for their research before hopping off to the Hocotate Freight main complex. Once there, I rushed for President's office, eager to see my brother again. I was so eager that I didn't notice anyone around me--subsequently resulting in another quite literal run-in; coincidentally, the victim was President.
I made small chat with him, but something seemed sorely off. He became distracted easily, the topic turned much too swiftly to food, and he mentioned Louie's death-even though I hadn't mentioned it to him yet. I was very suspicious of this, and I just could not get it off my mind that there was something just horridly off-kilter with President.
I had my meal in the cafetorium of the complex (I'd packed my own lunch, however). As I was nibbling on a particularly delicious pikpik carrot, President came up to me with a lunch tray. (This was also seemingly off-as kids, we'd both pack our own.) "So, Olimar," he half-inquired in a one-tone too jovial voice. "You all right after that tragedy?" "Yes," I muttered, trying to concentrate on the carrot. "Are you really?" he said, putting on a worried tone. It seemed so false... "Really," I muttered once again. This went on for many minutes until I suddenly started choking--I'd gotten to the leafy end of the carrot, which tastes TERRIBLE.
President pounded on my back, as to dislodge the (nonexistent) object. "*cough* I'm fine, just the bad end of a carrot..." I wheezed, still out of breath. "That's fine, Olimar..." Suddenly, his face contorted. It was turned away, as if to prevent me from seeing. But I saw. His expression was pained, like a call for help. It was as if before, he was trapped in his own body, and now, for if only one second, he got some control.
Just enough control to call for help.
As soon as it started, it stopped. "Er-sorry about that," President(or was it really him?) whispered. "Probably a hypnotherapy side effect." I weaseled myself out of the conversation and scored VTO (voluntary time off, for the uninformed) for the rest of the day.
Once I got out, I slammed into the driver's seat of the Dolphin. "No time to lose! We need to get to the hospital NOW!" I commanded. {Not a problem. We're outta here!} And so, we sailed into space...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
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