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4 years ago#91
"What in the name of Emmiline, Addiline and Caroline is going ON?!" I roared, desperate and confused. "It's a long story," answered Mark cleanly, "but let's just say that Emmi gave us some pointers and the blackness taking over was corruption--or worse!--and since we haven't got the technology to remove it ourselves, we need to revive Louie and call Emmi to the scene!" I was about to yell something back, when part of what he said struck me 'round the head.
Revive Louie.
"J-j-Jamesie..." I whispered hoarsely, clutching onto a nearby counter. I was reeling from my recent realization. Was this messing with the sanctity of life? To bring one back from the dead? Then I thought better of it--or at least half of me did. One half thought that since she was helping Mark and Jenny with this project, it was acceptable. But the other half of me argued that Emmi was a sort of trickster-god, testing the young mortals--or worse, The Destroyer in disguise!
One moment before I would've clawed my brains out, I suddenly felt someone clutching me--President. "What is wrong, my brother?" I asked, suddenly calmed. President was unsteady in his answer. "Olimar... that machine, it's-it's...there's..." He then dug his nails in harder, causing me much pain! "Oh, Emmi can damn it all!" he growled, suddenly very angry. "Just look at that thing!" I took a glance at the peculiar contraption that was making a ruckus earlier.
Inside the tall glass booth sat Louie, who appeared fazed but unharmed...
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4 years ago#92
I was absolutely fuming. My own niece and nephew had bought Louie--the one who had very nearly destroyed my soul--back to life!? Why were they doing this?? My thought processes went berserk as to find out a reason; this was to no avail, as my newly-reactivated mind was not used to this. I growled under my breath, cursing Louie with every ounce of my being.
Agitated to hell-bent, I rushed towards Louie with an anger that I'd only experienced once before in my life (incidentally, the same person was involved). Someone tried to stop me, but I just pushed them aside. When I reached Louie, I found that he had been "re-created" with basic clothes on--namely the jeans-and-a-tee-shirt combo. Perfect. I pulled him up by the shirt collar, and he was just as unhappy to see me as I was of him. "So," I growled. "Back from the dead, are we?" I laughed a sadistic, maniacal laugh. "By Emmiline's name, I'll remedy that!"
"Oh, really?" snided a voice behind me. "Well then, by MY OWN name I'll cancel that out!" Suddenly, a force ripped Louie and I apart, and I was sent flying into my own brother! The sight of Olimar's face restored my sanity--not to mention cause me to question it, if it really existed. "What was THAT?!" yelled a bewildered Olimar, backing off. "What possessed you, the will of Darkness herself?" "I...don't really know, but c'mon! You know what he did!" I protested. "It's not what Louie did," whispered a voice behind me. I swiveled around to see Emmiline herself, in rather regal garb. "Rather," she continued, "it's what a very certain archenemy of mine puppeteered him to do..."
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4 years ago#93
I couldn't help but stare at Emmiline's choice of clothing. It was similar to what she'd been wearing when she revealed herself as a goddess--color scheme being primarily white, with blue and purple highlights--but it was quite different in design. Her cape was even longer, and I had to say the same for her hair. The cuffs and edges of her tunic and pants were thicker, and the color blue was paler, but more predominant. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature was the piece she wore upon her head--something that looked spirelike, and had an amethyst gem placed in the center of it. I knew, of course, that she was heaven-sent--but by the expression upon her face, she was likely Damnation-bent.
"Emmiline, what are you to--Aaugh!" I was unable to finish my question, for then Louie had pounced upon me! "Don't say that!..." he growled, almost in a trancelike state. "Never say HER name..." The voice coming out of his mouth seemed not his own. Emmiline, however, seemed to know more than I did--and being a goddess, she had a lot less to lose. "Oh, come ON!" she taunted. "Don't merely sit and curse my name, but come here and fight like who you really are!" Louie stood upright, cautiously. Then he grinned.
It was about then that I realized that his flesh was turning the color of shadow...
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4 years ago#94
I stepped back at the sight of Louie's budding transformation. Deep, black aura surrounded his progressively darkening figure, with eyes blazing like...hellfire...It was about 2.5 seconds after that thought had completed that it came to me: Darkness herself had taken control of Louie! <But what else,> I thought to myself. <Under usual circumstances, Louie neither commits self-injury nor does he carry grudge against my brother.> My eyes panned to Darkness having infested Louie's form...
He/She grinned sadistically. [So...] he/She said, in a voice that was neither Louie's nor Darkness's, but a combination of the two. [I can't believe that you actually came, Emmiline. Willing to save a single mortal from my power?] "I am willing to save anyone from your puppetry," snapped Emmiline. "While I do, in fact, realize that you were created to balance the universe, I also, in fact, realize--and to much greater effect--that this is abuse of power." She then stared. I realized that there was something tricky on her mind. "Now," she stated plainly, "I know for a fact that AS FREAKING USUAL, there's going to be a fight. I don't think that using Louie as a vessel will give you much hope in the battle, do you?" Our vessel-in-residence pondered this. However, he suddenly fell to the floor!
As he did, the shadow steadily came loose from his body, and the shadow became Darkness--and she left behind Louie! "Fine, then," grunted Darkness. "Let's get the usual cow-crap over with." As she muttered, I gingerly picked up Louie--and immediately felt something wet. At first, my mind came up with 2 choices: ectoplasm or urine. (Guess which I feared it was.) However, I then realized that Louie was conscious and crying. I smiled, then got to the doorway with astonishing ease. (I guess the work with Purple Pikmin paid off.) I motioned to President, Mark, and Jenny to exit the room, then did so myself.
Out in the hallway, Louie was curled into a ball. "Don't worry, Louie," I whispered. "She's gone now. You've got no need to fear." He stopped his crying, then sat up. "R-really?" he asked. "Really, honestly, truly," I responded. Suddenly, I found myself with Louie's arms wrapped around me. I knew what it meant, so I reacted accordingly.
"You're welcome."
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4 years ago#95
Within what I was told was 5 minutes, but felt like more and less than that at the same time, Emmiline had once again defeated that...horrible fiend called Darkness. (I know that sounds like Olimar's narrating this, but my actual opinion...well, it's a combo of the worst words that I know.) When Emmi came out of that room, she was greeted by me, Olimar, his kids, and President. I so wanted to thank her, but I was simply unable to talk well at the time. So, embarrassingly enough, I wound up thanking her the same way I thanked Olimar--the simple act of a hug.
Except that since she was head-and-shoulders above me in height, it was more like hugging her leg. She still got the message, however. "*chuckle* You're plenty welcome, Louie. Keeping Darkness away the best I can is, essentially, my job." I let go then, and I'd found my voice. "B-but..then why didn't you stop her from taking over me in the first place?" She sighed. "Each one of us," she explained, "has only so much power that we can expend at a time. And there are rules as to how we can use that power." "But why?" asked both I and, oddly enough, President.
"Jinx!" called Emmi, laughing. "Sorry, couldn't resist. "But in all seriousness, those rules are to prevent power from tearing apart this universe and the like." I understood well, but couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next...
*End of current story arc.*
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#96
This is the author herself here. (Yes, I'm a female.) And I would like to inform you that this is NOT, repeat NOT the end of this series. No sir, no ma'am, and no way Jose! However, due to my education, the schedule might be choppy, as you've seen. However, I will put in every attempt possible to get this updated on time whenever possible! And--*interrupted by knock on door* Oh, excuse me for a minute...
*From out in the hall...*
"Oh! Captain! It's sounded taller, so I thought it was a Koopa." "Very funny, Emmiline. No one else is here right now. To the point--you're going to be taken to your grandmother's church by none other than your grandmother yourself. You know she already worries for you--she won't let you stay home alone." "Is she EVER going to let me stay home on a regular basis?!" "Fate and Fortune not assisting, not until you've a driver's license. *sigh* You're lucky--my mother still worried for me even when I got my spacecraft license and official Captain's degree!" "Dude. You were ten years old." "...Point taken. Er, are they--" "--Still waiting? Yeah. Mind letting me go here, Olimar?" "Not at all, Emmi."
*Footsteps are heard, and your friendly GameFAQs community author comes back in.*
Heh, sorry about that. And to clarify, Emmi storywise is essentially a fantasy (and waaay more powerful) me. Similar personality, similar preferred style, exact same love of video's just that A. I'm not so Mary-Sueish and B. The real me is mostly the Emmi who you see in here--but with Darkness as well. I know I sound crazy, and I know that I am crazy. Point of fact, I'm surprised that I haven't been locked up in an asylum. But I live as free as a student can be as of right now, and so much the better for all of you!
Next post I make here, it'll be our same universe--but President will have his own turned up-side-down once more!
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#97
*Ok, back to story.*
It had been about a week since the last incident ended, and things were getting back to a relative baseline back at Hocotate Freight. (Notice that I didn't say 'normal'. 'Normal' is obsolete for multiple reasons.) Olimar and Louie were doing their normal work, and I had to say the same for pretty much all of the other workers. The company was humming with productivity, and brimming with enthusiasm. In other words, corporate perfection!
However, just as I was thinking that, my cell phone buzzed--someone had texted me. The someone was Louie. {Problemo. Was putting empty cardboard boxes in alley area when something moved. I could hear it. Am honestly too chicken too check it out. Captain's busy. Please investigate.} After reading it, I wondered why he didn't ask a fellow worker, but thought "what the heck!" It wasn't as if I was very busy. Hence, I set off towards the alleyway entrance.
Now, this alleyway was dark, dank, dirty, and very depressing. If it was in a city, it would be the sort of place that some fool would wander into and get victimized in--one way or another. However, security was pretty tight around the complex, so it was far from life-threatening. Still, I felt the need to see if it was someone. "Hey!" I yelled. "Is anyone here?"
I then noticed that there was a box that was shivering, and it was most certainly not of the boxes' accord. I was upset, as this meant that security had been breached. "Ok, I don't know who the hell you are or why the hell you're here, but I simply do not care!" I snapped. "Come out from your stupid box, hands UP!!" Slowly, the box rose up, revealing its occupant.
It was the poorest, saddest little thing that I had seen in my life...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#98
The resident of the box was not even fully grown--far from it. She was a little Hocotatian girl, with long and messy hair. Her clothes were so caked with grime that it was impossible to tell what color they were. In fact, it was hard to make anything natural out of this young girl whatsoever...including the reason that she was even out here. She looked only ten--yet here she was, at anyone's mercy...
It took me a second to realize that she was scared of me, likely due to what I had said. I felt awash with guilt: if I had known who was under that box, I would have been much kinder. Physically, I flinched; past that, I attempted to speak to her. "Oh, er...uh--oh my. S-sorry..." <GOOD GODDESSES,> I screamed inside my head. <Stop drawling like some kind of idiot!> I then resumed my talking, with the little girl still standing there, hands up like I'd said earlier. "I-I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier. I thought that it was a bad man. But it wound up being you--a little girl. What are you doing here?"
Cautiously, she put her hands down and began to speak. "I'm here because it's warm, I can build a little shelter out of the boxes, and the leftover cafeteria food tastes OK." I shook my head. "No, no, that's not what I meant! I mean, what the heck are you doing away from home?!" She frowned. "Home? Really? *sigh* My parents only kept me until I was 5, and that was because I was a tax deduction. Since paying for all that school negated any benefit, they dropped me off at a street corner and struck me with a blunt object. I guess that they expected me to die, but..." She rolled her eyes. "I'm still here, aren't I?"
I was shocked by her story. "Your parents knocked you out an the street and left you to die!?" "Unfortunately, yes," she admitted. "But it's no use trying to track them down--I read their names in the obits when I was 7." I shook my head harder this time, trying to get my thoughts in order. This was a horrible ethical problem..."I can't let this happen to you, kid," I finally said. "You need somewhere to why not here?" Cripes, you should have seen her face light up...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#99
The little foundling suddenly ran towards me, with a face brighter than a billion stars. "Seriously??" she asked, jumping about. "Are you kidding me. Mister?" I chuckled. "I wouldn't kid you about this if it meant the universe, kid. You're free to stay here." I paused for a moment. "Well, on 1 condition..." A shadow came over her face. "Oh, no...what's the catch? Do I have to work?..." I shook my head. "No way! The only condition is that I don't want you to call me 'Mister'!" She smiled again. "Oh!" she laughed. "Well, what do I call you then?"
"Just call me President," I said plainly. She started to stare. "What kinda cuckoo-ka-crazy name is that?!" I simply rolled my eyes. "Ask my mom," I sighed. "She's the one that named me." A thought then occurred to me. "Hey...shouldn't you have a name?"
My simple request was responded to with a deep, resounding GROAN. "Name?" she growled, a rather disrespectful tone replacing her previous voice. "I was never given a formal name. Not unless you account for pronouns, like 'she' or 'it' or 'that can't-say-it-ing little can't-say-it'." This stunned me, so she attempted to account for it. "Can't-say-its started with F and B respectively." My head cleared soon after. "I wasn't planning to ask you about that. I was planning to ask you why your parents didn't name you." "Too freakin' inconvenient, they said. That," she continued grudgingly, "and the fact that my birth certificate was more like an apology from the condom factory."
"Well," I muttered, with my mind filled with those implications, "now you need a name. Something fairly basic, but still respectable..." I then snapped my fingers, for the perfect name for her had reached my mind. "How about the name...Sarah?"
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
4 years ago#100
I was wondering where President was--I was going to his office, but the guards said that he 'wasn't in right now.' I then remembered the text that I sent on a whim to him after seeing a box move in the alleyway. <Maybe he actually DID go and check it out,> I wondered. Impulsively, I decided to actually go out there and check on the guy. After all, what if there was something dangerous under that box? President might have gotten hurt--or worse yet, killed!
However, once I got near the alleyway door, I could've sworn that I'd heard a child's voice. "Yes, you got it, mis--I mean, President!" I decided to listen in on their conversation. It went something like this: "Ahahah! I knew that you'd like that name! And besides, it fits you absolutely perfectly! Energetic, light, yet serious when the time calls..." Then, the laughter of the girl. "Oh, don't wax poetic! I just like the sound of it, that's all! And besides, I'd rather be called Sarah than 'it'!" A pause, semi-awkward. "What's the matter, President?" Silence, than President: "I'm sorry, it's just that you're awfully dirty..."
A scoff from the girl. "Well, what do you expect? It's been a while--over a month, I think--since I've even gotten the opportunity to get a shower!" A gasp, it just had to be President's. "Oh, my goodness! You really need to wash up, huh?" "Not NEED, per se, but it would be a very good idea." "And you know it! Come on, there are some showers in the northwest wing, and I think that I have some clothes that are just your size--albeit somewhat floppy. Let's go!"
That's when they started running for the door! I immediately hid behind the door, and both President and a very messy child with long hair ran past. This smelled more suspicious than beef stock in a gourmet restaurant...
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
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