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4 years ago#1
thought about the idea today after doing my psychology exam at school.

I think it is very possible to use the pikipedia in pikmin 2 to come up with an exam, testing pikmin players on their knowledge of pikmin, areas, beasts, cooking methods and treasure... unless it already exists somewere.

So study up on your pikmin knowledge if you are interested in taking part. I was thinking of making it up of multiple choice, short answer questions, and 1 extended response question.
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4 years ago#2
I'd only like to do the biology of pikmin, nothing else matters to me
Lies and Slander
4 years ago#3
Well, of pikmin and the other monsters in the game
Lies and Slander
4 years ago#4
ok here's a few interesting facts for you to use:

flowered white pikmin are so fast, they SLOW DOWN when spicy-sprayed
red pikmin do 50% more damage than normal pikmin, but purples do double, completely outclassing reds
when spicy-sprayed, pikmin don't do more damage, but rather they attack more rapidly. At the same time, purples and reds lose their extra attack bonus, so all types do the same amount
mamuta tastes like chicken
4 years ago#5
... hey wait a sec, I've looked all over and the only place I've seen those facts on that speedrun. I'm not doubting those values and whatnot, but does someone have a link to where that was at?

Also, here is a fact I often hear falsely stated.

Especially because of the wiki, people think that spectralids around the bulborbs in The piklopedia is just an unlock after finding both of them.

This is false.

The spectralids actually appear for Any creature after a certain death count. I lost the link to the thread, but this is definite. Not sure about plants since they can't be killed, but creatures that can be killed count. I don't have the exact counts, and I don't think anyone is willing to go and find them all, but some creatures have... ridiculously high counts.
4 years ago#6
yeah i found those on miles's speedrun, since they weren't really well-known gameplay facts, and mamuta tasting like chicken is an awesome fact too. I know they're true since, you know, he extracts the data directly from the game (I think... or something along those lines)
4 years ago#7
^Wait, so he didn't find, say, some message board, with those stats-he go them himself? Oh.

Anyway, there is another from that same speedrun. Normal enemies who are petrified keep their normal defense. Bosses, however, take half damage.

And I'm serious when I say that all creatures except the three normal bulborbs have obscene death numbers for the spectralids to appear.
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