The Final Pikmin 3 Ideas

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This might not be the greatest but...

Fluttering Venia
Olimar's/ "The leader" notes: A graceful yet astonishing beauty. It teases and attracts idle Pikmin. It takes them to their female leader for them to be stored in a small cocoon. It has strange yet interesting marks on it's body that glow when it sees a Pikmin. The marks come in at least 5 different patterns. These creatures are completely harmless, it only keeps the pikmin away from attacking other creatures. The only pikmin that can resist it's beauty and elegance is the pink pikmin.

Louie's/ "the new captain who's constantly hungry" Notes: Strangely, this creature has a yummy substance on it's wings. It goes great with making recipes, such as Dwarf Bulbear stuffed with sage and finely aged prosciutto, and then broil until golden brown. It makes it taste sweeter, yet spicier at the same time. I shall call this substance: Beauty Dew.

Pokos Given: 2

Pikmin Given: 5

Note:This is the creature that I theorize could create Pink Pikmin, due to metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. It's created when the cocoon is broken, or the venia is defeated.
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I've revised my walkthrough some, but I think ill let it die, as i dont have alot of time to manage it... so ill post my new ideas on this topic, and MAYBE show them in a compilation of cutscenes or something... but no more walkthroughs.



Reds: Strong, immune to fire. Fire geysers cant be turned off, so theyre more useful.

Yellows: Thrown high, can use bomb rocks- no more electricity. Im going for a more natural feel.

Blue: Have gills, cant drown.

Rock: SMash hard objects, immune to being crushed. Use minerals like bottlecaps and amber deposits to create more rock pikmin, as their black onion relies on mineral deposits to grow more rockmin.

Pink: Can fly; always hover above ground. Have two spirals for mouths. Need very little nectar and bring nectar back to onion to flower others, but 1 out of five create a cloud of pollen that pikmin have to bask in to become flowered. They can be thrown furthest, and have an onion that uses pink pellets.


Walli: Planet Preservation boss, not playable (Waluigi)
Tod: Main playable character (Toad)
Pach: Playable charcter- the woman from trailer (Peach)
Martin: Playable police officer like guy (Mario)
Proffessor Mason: Fourth playable character (Mansion as in Luigis Mansion)
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Olimar is seen landing in the S.S Dolphin. The president walks up to him and basically the opening cinema from Pikmin 2 happens. But the screen turns black abruptly and the words, “Ten Years Earlier” appear on the screen.

The camera slowly zooms in on the interior of a large metal room. There are about one hundred people in the audience, while a man stands on a stage with a projector shining an image that says ‘Welcome’. A few more Hocotate people walk in and sit down, and the lights dim.

The man grabs a microphone from the end of the stage. “Welcome all. I’m Walli (Waluigi) and this is meeting is mandatory so please listen… for those of you who are veterans to Hocotate Planet Preservation, you all know what we’re about. But today we took in a few interns and new employees, so I’ll explain. Recently, we’ve prospered as a planet… but because of this, we have lost sight of other planets- planets devoid of civilization. How will they manage while other planets rise to the top? Obviously, Hocotate has already exhausted its own resources, four years ago today.

“Each year we hold these meetings. We choose one planet that we’ve monitored. However, the last two years we’ve been inconsistent… we haven’t bothered to venture to other planets because we haven’t found any with visible trouble- either in the environment, or in the ecosystem. So we’re going to assemble our largest expedition this year! As a veteran employee or captain, participation is mandatory if you are chosen. All of you knew this when you were interviewed. But all you newcomers are off the hook, this year.”

The crowd shifts some, as they’re still uneasy having no knowledge of what dangers this expedition holds. But this company is dangerous. And all the employees know it. They fight for the wellbeing of other planets, and are passionate about their work.

“And every year- excluding the last two year- we gladly accept volunteers… anyone?”

Two hands go up.

“Yes both of you, thank you… anyone else? No?”

Two men walk on stage. One of which is the captain from the demo, the short blue suited one. One resembles Professor Gad from Luigi’s Mansion, with white hair and a longer head that goes sideways, making for an awkward character.

“Yes, thank you. You are…? Yes, this is Tod (Toad) and Professor Mason (Mansion as in Luigi’s Mansion). Tod has worked here for one year so technically he’s a veteran. But follow in his footsteps, all of you. And a professor from our environmental lab will be joining him. We will need to more employees to complete the expedition party.”

No more hands go up.

“If we have no more volunteers, we will review the profiles tonight. Don’t speak any more of this tomorrow. We don’t want to attract too much attention to the planet, even if it’s within the company’s premises. Thank you all, you’re dismissed.”

The screen goes black. The words ‘The Next Morning’ appear on the screen.

Walli is standing by Tod and Professor Mason. There’s a futuristic ship, considering it’s ten years before the Dolphin and talking ship. Two new characters walk up to them. One is the woman with pink hair and yellow suit, Pach (pronounced Patch, also derived from Peach). The other resembles the president and has a star-like badge. This is Martin, (derived from Mario, like Olimar).

“These are your two other fellow captains. Martin here has experience as an officer before he become a pilot. He’s very strong and fit. This is Pach, a fellow employee of the company. I’ve chosen this ship for your departure. It’s in the Dolphin series, so it possesses a built in analog computer, which will aid you and inform you. Now, I suppose I should inform you all of your mission…”

The four look at him intently.
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‘The planet you’re going to is uncharted and is called E362 (derived from E3), and is only a little over a days flight from Hocotate. The planet is experiencing, seismic issues, along with some issues in the food chain. Though we know little of the local wildlife, we’ve been monitoring the planet closely for the last month. A asteroid has hit the planet, bringing bacteria from another planet, E447, which is composed of glaciers and warmer caves. Bacteria from that planet will thrive, and grow- but not necessarily adapt from its cold climate.

The creatures will most likely react violently, and destroy the ecosystem, devouring animals and ruining the environment. These two problems don’t do the planet any favors, and I need you four to go there and investigate. I hope that you can find the source of the problem, and hopefully terminate it. I know little about the planet, but much more will be revealed once you arrive… so, go ahead and prepare for your voyage and know that you’re employed because of this… to fight for the wellbeing of other planets… you’re all very brave, volunteering or not, but just to be participating in this voyage, ready to explore… even though it’s mandatory… I wish you all the best of luck!”

The four captains board the ship’s four cockpits and take off into the sky.
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While doing my volunteer gardening work, I have thought of a new enemy idea! These guys serve as an invasive organism that completely screws up the food web they appear in, by... well, you'll see.

These small, orange worms with green markings are vile, disgusting creatures. They are about as long as Pikmin are tall, but they come in absurdly large numbers and don't fight on their own. These invasive, parasitic worms rove through the ground and work their way into plants through their roots. These plants are eaten by the herbivores on the planet, which are in turn consumed by the larger carnivores, and all the while the parasitic Blisterworms move through these organisms until they find one large enough to prey on small creatures. They enter the nervous system of the beast and take full control of it's movement, eating, and sleeping, all to keep their vile existence going on. When the beast reproduces, the eggs no longer contain their own offspring, but hundreds of infant Blisterworms.

Blistered Bulborb
Any type of large Bulborb (not Bulbear or Bulblax) is clasified as this once taken over Blisterworms. These Bulborbs display a half-bloated face, large tumors and excesses on their abdomens, and one eye that is larger than the other and always open. These guys will munch on any other small creatures around, replenishing lost health. They attack exactly like a normal Bulborb, only much more ferocious, with greatly enhanced speed and the seeming inability to sleep. When defeated, the monster will slowly burst open and release a HUGE swarm of Blisterworms. Defeat as many as you can before they burrow into the ground.
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Forgot to mention, the Blistered Bulborb has much more health than a normal Bulborb.

Blistered Snagret
A Snagret chock-full of the horrid Blisterworm parasites. It's scales have become an ugly brown, with some green patches, and several tumors poking out from under the scales. The head is missing several feathers, and the eyes are a ghastly, solid white. These creatures exhibit unnatural aggressiveness, coming much farther out of the ground than a normal Snagret and leaning it's whole body forward to snap up distant Pikmin. This monster can also move it's point of appearance, and will do so to follow you and eat smaller monsters to regain health. When defeated, it will slowly swell up before exploding into a massive group of Blisterworms. Defeat as many as possible before they burrow back into the ground.

Blistered Jellyfloat
When Jellyfloats absorb infected monsters, the Blisterworms invade their bodily systems and create these gelatinous monstrosities. These creatures are a neon green color, and are unnaturally shaky and look as though they could burst any second. These quivering masses of gel float around at a much faster pace than normal Jellyfloats and suck up small monsters and ingest them to gain lost health. If these come anywhere near Pikmin, they will expand their bodies and fall down on all the Pikmin they can reach, then float back up, holding all the Pikmin they landed on. Free these Pikmin fast, or they will be digested at an accelerated rate. These will also release Blisterworms when defeated.
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And now the most deadly of the Blister monsters I can currently think of-

Blistered Posy
I Pellet Posy infected by the Blisterworms that has not yet been devoured by creatures. These Pellets display badly torn and missing petals, and a withered, black stem. These will make no attempt to attack Pikmin- unless you carry the infected Pellet back to the Onion. If you do so, the number of Pikmin in the Onion will be decreased by 20, then the Blisterworms will be expelled and should be defeated before they burrow back into the ground.
Pikmin 3? It's been announced?
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Finally, a near endgame boss that is the source of the invasive species-

Blister Hive Brain (BOSS)
A colossal orange and green beetle that holds a telepathic link over all Blisterworms. By defeating it, the Blisterworms will become mindless and their constant reproduction will be put to a stop. This bug will attack by spewing an acidic compound that no Pikmin is resistant to, prompting you to run as fast as possible. It also will bite with it's massive pincers, which will instantly kill any Pikmin they sweep up. As the fight goes on, more and more Blistered Bulborbs and other such none-boss infected monsters will come in to aid the boss. The moment the boss is defeated, all other enemies in the room will immediately cease to live.

So, what do you all think of these wretched little beasts and their not-so-little versions?
Pikmin 3? It's been announced?
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What about new sprays like that 2 had we had a Berry spray that made them move faster, and stronger and there was the berry sprays that made monsters turn to stone what about sprays that make Pikmin with elements disadvantages temporarily resistant to their opposite or at least something that keeps them from getting their petals blown off from gusts.
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Areas for my game:

Oak Forest:
Pikmin: red and rock

Pine Valley:
Pikmin: Yellow and pink

Maple Lake:
Pikmin: blue, bulbmin

Evergreen Rainforest:
Pikmin: none