Should this game have...

#11talesofzeldaPosted 1/18/2013 3:20:52 PM
RoccoRed posted...
The predators attacking and/or eating other predators?

Since Pikmin is all about nature and survival I always wondered what the other predators would eat besides Pikmin. Sure Pikmin are an easy prey (when alone) but Pikmin aren't exactly a great source of food, especially when they aren't in an area for days. So would you guys think it be a good idea if some of the predators would fight each other or eat each other? There has always been rivalry disputes in the wild (Lions and Cheetahs for example) and larger predators eating the smaller predators, so I thought this idea would make Pikmin feel even more real. :P

I'd be fine with it, maybe if you haven't been to a certain area for a few days (in game days) the monsters would over populate and eat each other lol. I dunno, potentially a pretty cool idea imo.
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