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What I noticed about the Pikmin series (Archived)Eat_Cow88/18 7:56AM
Has anyone noticed the final boss does not go near water? *Spoilers* (Archived)Chenmaster238/17 2:20PM
Beat it. Should I start from the beginning or the previous day? (Archived)Linkums28/15 6:00PM
Pikmin merchandise (Archived)WiseWarrior101108/15 2:04PM
Are Pikmin games as fun as in Nintendo Land? (Archived)Miken Ayers28/15 1:49PM
This final mission is really ruining this game for me. (Spoilers) (Archived)jigglyweigel78/12 11:21AM
If you have 2 gamepads (with the screen), can both people use them in coop? (Archived)ACA38/11 5:09PM
...Wait, that's it? *endgame spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
WVl158/7 7:31PM
Happy Birthday! (Archived)shinyspheal58/7 7:28PM
The cheaters are rampant on here. (Archived)sg9198/2 2:11PM
14 days all fruits! (Archived)Juiceboy_Jeff98/1 5:36PM
Can anything bad happen if Pikmin aren't plucked? (Archived)cuttin_in_farm67/30/2014
I feel stupid... vehemoth phosbat (or what ever its called) (Archived)sezra27/28/2014
Trying to play with the Wii Mote. Its not working well for me. (Archived)-TheFranchise-107/26/2014
Controls for this game?? (Archived)Ace_Anderson77/26/2014
How does this compare with Pikmin 2 (Wii)? (Archived)Emerald_Melios47/25/2014
dead pikmin question (Archived)yars37/19/2014
Three areas? (Archived)Rick3DSFan57/19/2014
Lefty controls for the gamepad? (Archived)bond004537/18/2014
is this similar to dokepon? (Archived)mangeload17/16/2014
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