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is there any way to return to the old control scheme? (Archived)Chargrilled56/9 6:53PM
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Why wasn't this game popular? (Archived)
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Can you swarm without a lockon? (Archived)Garioshi56/8 5:11PM
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This became free MK8 Club Nintendo game.... (Archived)Rick3DSFan66/5 9:36PM
Never "Onion'd" the First Boss (Archived)MetroidKilla56/5 10:13AM
Is there a co-op multiplayer mode? (Archived)Garioshi36/4 4:06PM
Im about to play this any tips (Archived)solidhedgehog36/4 11:18AM
This game is the biggest test of multitasking that I've ever done. (Archived)Crums4456/4 11:04AM
How big is this game (how much space does it take up?) (Archived)Plasma EXE46/3 2:58PM
Do you get digital deluxe promotion pts for purchasing DLC? (Archived)Plasma EXE36/2 3:12PM
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