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Will the game be available to download at midnight eastern time? (Archived)liveman78958/3/2013
Do Pikmin no longer deflower? (Archived)liveman78958/3/2013
If I go digital, do I have to wait until midnight? It would be 9 PM here. (Archived)ajko00038/3/2013
Big helpful note: Put GamePad on small table on stand to left or right of you. (Archived)mammalcrossing48/3/2013
So does U.S. get the W101 promo? (Archived)Evilmonster18/3/2013
Pikmin Anime (Archived)RotomGuy378/3/2013
What time is it coming out on eShop? (Archived)Duponzo48/3/2013
This still out tomorrow ? No gamestop call yet. (Archived)crazybot38/3/2013
Gamespot still hates Nintendo. 8.0. They simply can never LOVE a Nintendo game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
My body is ready for this game (Archived)djgl24238/3/2013
Post Secret Memo locations here (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Will all types of Pikmin appear in Bingo Battle? (Archived)Sony_748/3/2013
Pikmin RP! Color Wars! (Archived)Pendragon7103788/3/2013
What are you getting, Digital or Physical? (Poll)
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Differences between Rock and Purple Pikmin? (Archived)ChronoCactaur78/3/2013
Argh!!!!! Help please with Quaggled Mireclops (spoilers) (Archived)wingo8448/3/2013
Halleluhah! Pikmin 3 will come with a physical manual! (Archived)
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So, they broke the street date here. Any tips before I start? (Archived)Beaver_Castor38/3/2013
Controlling crowds of Pikmin? (Archived)Heff22838/3/2013
Secret Memos Video Guide (GameXplain) (Archived)duderdude328/3/2013
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