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Game Xplain Give P3 a 70. Wow. That's harsh from a Nintendo fanboy critic (Archived)mammalcrossing57/30/2013
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PSA: Wiimote + Nunchuck + Gamepad can be used for off-screen play (Archived)the_ice_phoenix47/30/2013
4 days 22 hrs 46 mins 23 secs!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)mammalcrossing97/30/2013
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Quickest way to kill bosses? (Archived)ssj_duelist77/30/2013
early gamestop release still available? (Archived)Veemon12327/30/2013
Enemy Battle mode in split screen (Archived)mohamedali747/30/2013
One more week for us murkans. (Archived)plasmawisp171357/30/2013
My Pikmin 3 Walkthrough (Fake Game) (Archived)
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Pikmin might be the ploughs... (Archived)DriftRS87/29/2013
Now that was cruel. (After fourth boss spoilers) (Archived)dark trunks57/29/2013
I hate this motion plus pointer control Nintendo is loving recently (Archived)
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Can't wait though getting the vibe from reviews that it's simply Pikmin... (Archived)
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