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where am I in the game (spoilers) (Archived)cherold47/31/2013
A Question For Those Who've Finished It (SPOILERS) (Archived)psykojuggalo9857/31/2013
D'aww, forming a group with 20 Pikmin of each color still works like in Pikmin 2 (Archived)Giggins47/31/2013
Can you switch Pikmin types on the fly? (Archived)ecylis67/31/2013
What does the number (eg - 14:13) next to days taken on the Final Report mean? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I did not even notice this came out >_> (Archived)Gold25one47/31/2013
Where are the White and Purple Pikmin? (Archived)ThisAnvil47/31/2013
Final Area before final boss - struggling (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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In order to Platinum a boss, do you have to beat it without losing Pikmin? (Archived)droberts75387/31/2013
This game seems to give me a ruthless warlord mentality... (Archived)Heropon_Riki97/31/2013
Is there a second ending to Pikmin 2? (Archived)promo12347/31/2013
Game Xplain Give P3 a 70. Wow. That's harsh from a Nintendo fanboy critic (Archived)mammalcrossing57/30/2013
Do you think they should have made the days a bit longer? (Archived)liveman78967/30/2013
PSA: Wiimote + Nunchuck + Gamepad can be used for off-screen play (Archived)the_ice_phoenix47/30/2013
4 days 22 hrs 46 mins 23 secs!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)mammalcrossing97/30/2013
Regarding Blue Pikmin (Archived)Toney937/30/2013
Is story mode Co-op? (Archived)Dash06457/30/2013
Look around Gamepad map without pausing? (Archived)Tasuki1750237/30/2013
Never played Pikmin before... (Archived)Gsus_9437/30/2013
My first Pikmin game (Archived)Ippongi_Ryuta67/30/2013
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