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Does Pikmin 3 come with the newest Wii U update? (Archived)NettoSaito47/24/2013
Will anyone else.. (Archived)IloveElite67/24/2013
This will be my first Pikmin game (Archived)wugeezy67/24/2013
Dear Gamefaqs: Why did you let that 6.0 reader review through so early? (Archived)mammalcrossing77/24/2013
Question about the gamepad for those who have the game. (Archived)Mavrick58847/24/2013
Should I make a fake walkthrough w/ this story line? (Archived)LeFanboy47/24/2013
Yay. Got it this morn! (Archived)Jonbazookaboz17/24/2013
I enjoy this series but have never beaten a game completely (Archived)bskiffington97/24/2013
Any #-Day Challenges yet? (Archived)Enigma14967/24/2013
Is the story mode co-op? or the mission/challenge modes only? (Archived)charlesrules27/23/2013
How's the Pikmin pov camera? (Archived)plasmawisp171327/23/2013
How long is it? (Archived)jaymart_2k97/23/2013
Do I need to play the first two? (Archived)NoJobBob57/23/2013
Koppai... (spoilers) (Archived)Boo Destroyer37/23/2013
People that preorder digital get the game early (Archived)
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Pikmin: Universe (A Fake Game Walkthrough) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Does fruit respawn in the Story mode? (Archived)UsedFloppyDisk87/23/2013
Length of Pikmin 3.. (Archived)Mamodxx87/23/2013
What framerate does the game run at? (Archived)
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So what is the actual average time for completion? (Archived)thefabregas2237/23/2013
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