Strange Creatures, Cosmic Intervention, & Men in Blue and Red(SpAl)

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A while ago, I decided to make a story. I've had them in my head for years, but I had never gotten them on paper nor the 'net.

Until now.

I plan to make this quite long yet very exiting, with more than one Community Choice. (That's when the readers choose.) Any questions (relevent) can be answered.

Now, to start...
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...A strange figure floats above what seems to be pictures on an astral plane.

"So... this is... a new world," whispered the figure. "One that I can manipulate...not only present and future, but the past as well..."

She looked over the pictures, and they seemed to be from a first-person perspective--like memories. "Hmm..." wondered the figure. "Manipulation here... cancel this wedding(the wife's just an icy %!#@ anyway)...! Did she!...never mind-ooh, this can easily change...I wonder...yes.”

“I must. Now..." lamented the figure, “I’ll be needing to scout...but as who?...And how?" The apparition faded into space and time, leaving pictures of red and blue astronauts on the plane...
Everyone is insane to a degree.
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Meanwhile, in another dimension…

"There seems to be no life here-excluding us, of course."

Enter Captain Olimar. He is a resident of the planet Hocotate and a respected space-traveler. With an intellect that was sky-high, yet an overwhelming fear of an enraged female, he was never and should never be regarded as ordinary. Having crash-landed on this planet over a month ago, he had returned to his own planet, only to find his employer near shut-down and himself sent back to this planet.

"Thanks for the info, Captain Obvious!"

This is Louie, a newer worker at Hocotate Freight (the bankrupt company). Despite his rude remarks, he was usually quite even-tempered. He was also an excellent cook, with his ingredients tending to come from the planet. (Hey-it beats Instant Space Noodles any day!) He needed this skill due to his insatiable stomach. On his first mission, he was reportedly attacked by a "ravenous space bunny" that ate his whole load-the cause of the debt.

Little did they know that life as they knew it would be changed forever...
Everyone is insane to a degree.
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"Hey...Captain Olimar?" was Louie's inquiry.
"Is there a problem?" was the reply.
"Have you ever gotten the feeling that something BIG is gonna happen?"
When faced with a confused yet inquisitive look from Olimar, he continued:
"By big, I mean life'll never be the same."
Olimar was not in any mood to discuss this, however. "This is not relevent, Louie. For goodness's sakes, we both need our jobs! Ignore this!"
However, this was not his real opinion-he'd felt that way before he crashed into this planet in the first place, and in point of fact, he felt that same feeling in the very pit of his stomach.
"What is it!?" said a worried Olimar.
"Sorry, just saw that this plane ends. But CRIPES! That's a long drop!"
The duo, alongside their half-plant half-animal troops, moved closer to invesigate...
Everyone is insane to a degree.
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…Suddenly, as they were a few feet from the edge…

*from the viewpoint of Captain Olimar* At first, it seemed totally and completely still. But the moment I stepped about 20 cm. from the edge, a beast with brown hair rose before me! The size of what appeared to be its eyes was approximately the size of Louie- and then I wondered,
“Where IS Louie?!”
At first I panicked, but then I realized that he was hiding behind me…#?%$...I faced the beast. I attempted to say, “We come in peace,” but it interrupted me mid-sentence- in almost perfect English, save for a lisp!-with, “In what sort of interaction? Diplomatic, economic, religious, or military?”
I was stunned for a second, but replied. “Economic, but with no intent to trade!-we had no idea that there was intelligent life here!” “You didn’t know?” …it…asked. “Then why do you speak English?” “Why do YOU speak English?” I asked. (By now I was completely and utterly shocked!)
“…Son of a gun…”said the creature,”this is what I call a cosmic coincidence…”
Everyone is insane to a degree.
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*from the PoV of Olimar*
…”Well,” said I, “if you are sapient, do you have a name?” “Yep, I do,” said…it. “But I’ll only tell you on 1 condition.”
“No technology. Not me. That’s about it.”
“It for what?”
“What I’ll give up,” I said firmly. It was well within the boundaries. “How about YOUR name, is that OK?”
Easily done! “My name’s Olimar, Captain Olimar!”
“Space Captain?
“What else?” I mused. “Great,” it said. “Just oooone more thing, however…”
“Yes?” I inquired.
“Who’s your cowardly comrade there?”
<Oh, goodness!> I thought. <I’ve forgotten Louie!>
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*from the PoV of Louie*
“Ah, yes,” I heard Olimar say. “This person is Louie. He was sent on this trip to help me-well, more like for one to help the other…”
I had never felt so betrayed in my whole entire LIFE. He was bound to sell me to th-
“Say hello, Louie.”
I realized that Olimar had moved away from me.
“Come ON.” That *thing* now. “I haven’t got all day!”
I was just wondering about my afterlife when IT picked me up by the spacesuit antenna.
“C’mon, dude. Just say hello, willya?” I had barely any composure left. So something like this came out:
“Hhh-h-h-he-eeee-ee-el-lllll-oo-o-o.” Yeah, I know. Sucked @$?...
So as I was sayin’, she set me down. “Sorry about that, poor thing. It sounded like you were in the first syllable in your word!” The strangest thing happened right then.
I cracked up.

(Note to Readers-Louie said the word ‘hello.’ This is one sly creature…)
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*3rd person PoV*
After the ruckus, Olimar was astounded. In his journal, he wrote this: “This creature is not only intelligent; it has a sense of humor! (Albeit a warped sense.)”
“Now, as for YOUR end of this deal…” Olimar said.
“Olimar, you made a DEAL with this thing?!?” Louie was appalled.
“Don’t worry your head off,” said the creature. “He told me your names, now I tell you mine.”
“What IS it?” inquired a slightly ticked Olimar.
“The name,” said the creature, “is Emmi.”
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
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Also, is anyone reading this? Post if you do.
Please see this story of mine-you just might like it...
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Nimkip42 posted...
Also, is anyone reading this? Post if you do.

I am.
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