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In Soviet Russia (Archived)CaioNV31/15/2014
So, to spice up Bingo Battle a little bit... (Archived)RetroYoshi419111/14/2014
Question about events after the fourth boss (spoilers) (Archived)Halladay3231/14/2014
Do you have to beat Formidable Oak in only one day? (Archived)Xeron246851/10/2014
Got all the way to the last level before realizing this . . . (Archived)FelixTrapper81/8/2014
Why is one DLC almost 500MB and the other 2 are close to 50MB? (Archived)EbonMagician41/8/2014
I have a beginner question (Archived)thepunchline41/8/2014
Question about 100% (Archived)Divine Tonberry21/7/2014
They're streaming Pikmin 3 right now on AGDQ 2014 (Archived)MarioMan84711/5/2014
Helpful YouTube walkthrough on getting 100% ASAP with very little casualties. (Archived)
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Do I have a hard time limit? (Archived)EbonMagician51/3/2014
Beginning of the Distant Tundra: Do Yellow Pikmin sprouts mature to flower form? (Archived)1shadetail121/3/2014
How do I get more rock pikmin??? (Archived)batman1231/3/2014
Just beat the game!!! (Archived)
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Pikmin dismissing/ attacking on their own? (Archived)tarzanmx51/1/2014
This game is incredibly fun. (Archived)FelixTrapper41/1/2014
After waiting nearly nine years for Pikmin 3, did it match your expectations? (Poll)
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15 quid in TESCO (Archived)thebobevil112/30/2013
How do I unlock Bingo Battle? (Archived)Loseriffic212/29/2013
Any videos of Platinum runs on the DLC? (Archived)Pentao312/29/2013
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