Currently on sale for 400 MSP ($5)

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4 years ago#1

Might be worth $5.
The People's Heel
4 years ago#2
It's certainly not worth any more than $5, I've been waiting for this to get down to 400MSP so I can hack my way through it and then forget about it.
XBL/PSN - "Xammblu"
Listen to Metal!!
4 years ago#3
I played the demo and liked it. Im an old school gamer, so i can look past the flaws in most games and still have a good time. For $5 i know i can have a good time. I have spent more money on worse games,so i will probably grab it.
4 years ago#4
It was worth the full price in my opinion. Glad I bought it then, and glad it is on sale for everyone else now.
35 Lightnin'
4 years ago#5
I'm glad you dug it, Oges, I think I checked your lonely topic here daily as I waited for Amalur to come out while lurking a few other hack-n-slash games that were on my radar.
XBL/PSN - "Xammblu"
Listen to Metal!!
4 years ago#6
Oh it's certainly a throwaway game, nothing you will play time and time again. Do not mistake the fact that I enjoyed it with the fact that it will be the best game you've played.

How was Amalur? I enjoyed the demo's combat greatly but I didn't pick it up yet.
35 Lightnin'
4 years ago#7

You were a main authority in the Sacred 2 boards - worthwhile or should I not distract myself from Dragon's Dogma when it arrives next week?
4 years ago#8
Amalur is a great game btw - just keep a backup set of gear in case you want to switch from melee to rogue to caster mid-game. Trade skills gimp the random drops a bit but you can control that.
4 years ago#9
RAW will not be enough to distract you from Dragons Dogma, if you enjoy the likes of Two Worlds 2 or Divinity II.

Let's put it this way, I loved Torchlight, and played it quite religiously, hard to put down. RAW is sort of a step below Torchlight, easy to put down. Still, with that being said, it is still worth playing to me.

Thanks about Amalur question.
35 Lightnin'
4 years ago#10
That works for me, I'll hold off on this for a while. I may check this out down the road once I'm done with Dogma. Thanks again!
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