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The Xbox 360 Arcade exclusive game, Bloodforge had been in development at Microsoft Games Studios for about two years before it was released on April 25, 2012. Now after all the griping about Microsoft not producing enough first party games, what do we choose to do with Bloodforge?? We chose to pan and criticize one of the few first party entries from Microsoft in a long while.

This folks, in my opinion, is wrong, as it sets a bad precedence not only for this game, but for just about every game that is released to negative reviews and criticism. It's like a snowball effect. A bad review usually generates additional bad reviews which generates widespread hatred for the game from people who have based their decision on the reviews and decided to not even bother buying/renting and playing the game.

Well, the buck needs to stop here folks. Bloodforge is one of the BEST games this hack and slash fan has ever played. The time has come where we stop letting ourselves be controlled by the reviews of someone who may or may not be a fan of that certain genre of game. A review has nothing to do with what you think. It is the personal opinion of a particular person or group of people who may just be having a bad day at the time of the review.

Now clear your head, go download Bloodforge, and you'll quickly see that it is by far a top quality Xbox 360 game. I promise that after a few sword fights, you'll feel like Conan's god - "Crom". Out!

3 years ago#2
i agree this game is very good and im a huge fan of the god of war series and i like that its similar in way but still different sometimes now i was very stoked about this game when it was announced way back when and my anticipation just kept building up and then i saw some negative reviews about it shortly before it released and i was filled with sadness and just thinking to myself what if the game is bad? but i checked out the demo and i was again filled with excitement at how awesome the game really is even if i read bad reviews ill always try out a demo and judge for myself so i just say at least check out demos people they are free what have you got to lose besides a few minutes or so?
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lol, yeah, the only problem is they released a five minute demo, and that's not even an exaggeration....I prefer to make my own opinion also, but it's kind of hard from such a limited demo...
3 years ago#4
Because it has the MS ppl had sky high expectations. Unrealistic IMO.
They were expecting ther MS answer to Sony's GOW.
But this wrong, a misconception, this game does not compete in the AAA, full price league. This game has 25% of GOW's price, surely less than half of its budget.
The aim is to promote the exclusive XBLA market, to show that cheap titles can be nearly AAA titles.
But a direct comparison with a AAA title is not fair.
Considering tha analogies though, this game tops the list of the arcade titles (you hardly find a better well spend 1200 point game) and offers top notch value for money.
The graphics, the most costly part of a game and the animations come in line with AAA titles.
The details tetures and artwork are impressive.
The voices and music are also high quality, the gameplay and length, comparable to full price titles.
This is a miracle considering the low budget and data limitations of an arcade game.
In an age, where the financial crisis closes major game dev companies, such a game should have been a prime example, that there still is hope for the gaming industry and decent titles can come it, with 5-7 times of the investment need up untill now.

Game reviewers make a grave mistake of asssaulting this game. It is not objective to rate this with such a low grade, esp not if you consider where its coming from and where it aims.
I m surprised that MS was the victim for a change...
3 years ago#5

 most people can judge for themself if they find a game good or not - and many xbla games are not worth the money - so far i only own the new "trials evo", "pinball fx2" and "i am alive" and all of them are pretty good.

shank 2 looks interesting for example;  the positive thing is you can test trial all of the games - tested "comic jumper" lately and "bloodforge" - but i don't like both of them for different reasons ..

it's not impossible to make a 15 bucks game outstanding - trials evo proves it - if they want high sales for a first party game then it should have quality, i loved the motogp games from climax but this here - meh ..

3 years ago#6
The fact that you only have 3 arcade titles stands as reason enough for me to believe you haven't a clue about digital games man. I can list TONS of games better than your measly 3. Trials HD, Shadow Complex, Splosion Man, Toy Soldiers Cold War, Bastion, Fez, and on and on. We're not really here to talk about those games though, so I'll just admit that I did kind of let negative reviews put a sour taste in my mouth concerning Bloodforge, but because I had really anticipated the title I said "F" it and bought it anyways.....and I am 100% glad I did. It's an excellent hack n slash. They could've made the demo longer, but sometimes as a gamer you just gotta take a chance on a title....tons of negative reviews, but check the boards and you'll find posts from tons of GAMERS who love it, so who should you trust?
3 years ago#7
whyterose86, thanks for giving Bloodforge a chance . As a gamer, I tend to trust no one, but myself when it comes to new games. I would be missing out on some great games if I followed the reviews. If all gamers did the same, then the Industry as a whole would be a better place. If the game has a demo, play it, if not, rent it, and if you like it, buy it. Your gut instincts about a game will put these negative reviews to shame.
3 years ago#8
im going to buy this game tomorrow.
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3 years ago#9
You'll be glad you did:) like I said I'm 100% satisfied with the purchase. Just goes to show that sometimes the reviewers are clueless. You can go to YouTube and find one guy that gives it a 9.4 and another that gives it a 4....that's a pretty wide disparity. Bottom line on this game is its fun and graphically on par with AAA titles. Too much was made of the camera, and all reviewers followed suit. Shame too
3 years ago#10

Looks like a fun, old school romp, with a dark and intense artstyle. $15.00 is about the right price for a 5 hour game as well and there are many out there that go for $60.00. That is why I could easily overlook some warts here and there as long as, at the core, the game provides some fun. I love hack n' slash games anyway, so I am pretty sure I would enjoy this for the price.

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