English translation patch

#11yano88Posted 11/18/2011 3:33:40 PM
tftrevor813 posted...
just subscribe to that guy and WAIT

it's easy to say wait when TF6 is already pretty outdated...

Plus the last thing I heard was that the patch needed a real miracle to get released.

Pardon if I start to have my doubts about this whole story...
#12isaac52Posted 11/18/2011 6:37:29 PM
Yea, it's all very unorganized.

You got people saying "oh it'll be released tomorrow" and then get sacked with a problem which almost shut down the whole project.

Then you got one guy saying the story is already translated, another saying it will never be translated, but two minutes later is working on translating it.

I appreciate what these guys are doing, but most of them just have no idea how to work as a team.

That said, currently it does look like the story will be translated according to the leader, but he keeps changing his mind so i don't know.
#13X_Zack_Hiro_XPosted 11/19/2011 12:18:04 PM
^haters gonna hate
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#14yano88Posted 11/19/2011 12:29:24 PM
X_Zack_Hiro_X posted...
^haters gonna hate

?? Haters? It's a fact that the team translating this is very unorganized.

What does it mean hate? I don't hate the translators for their work.

I wish them the best in their work even though until now the whole thing is (STILL) very very confused.
#15X_Zack_Hiro_XPosted 11/19/2011 12:51:53 PM
well...nobody ever set a release date for the patch
just for alphas (testing and bug finding purpose)
and when they said the alpha will be ready in **** then its ready in **** (if errors wont occur and oh boy they occur many times lol
but that's normal for ALPHAS)

also there was a misconception about the script and the translator

currently anything, except the duelmessages and the script is ready (with some bugs though)

its not called "translation PROJECT" for no reason

if still confused or think its not well organized, then make a group for translating it yourself
"i think, that this post is COOL. please spread this STORY. thank you in advance, BRO."
#16yano88Posted 11/19/2011 1:09:35 PM
See all the posts from a while ago.

I never talked about a release date.

Im talking about this:

1- Hey we're going to make a patch about TF 6!!!

2- We have translated evertything: cards plus story!!!

3- sorry guys, no one here knows how to make a patch. Forget the patch

4- We have some problems... We have now translated ALMOST all the cards but there is no story (??)

5 - We are uploadin progress on burst limit YT channel (Last thing said it was that the patch needed a miracle to get released so??)

6 Today we are like ??? What the translators are doing in this moment? Burst limit posted a video with the menu translated? Cool! But it should be everything translated since months XD

Very much confusion as you see my friend.

It's not something I say nor im attacking the translation team.
It's just that they are confusing. Period.
#17X_Zack_Hiro_XPosted 11/19/2011 1:38:27 PM
never heard about that posts

1.: true
2.: never heard about the translation of script is done...it never was (it is but not applied or confirmed the text)
3.: always knew how to make a patch
5.: was some cardinfo issues, already fixed
6.: burst limit who?
7.: since months? the project seriously started a few weeks ago (before was just recruiting/researching)

whereever/whoever you've got that information from, is wrong and have no idea
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#18yano88Posted 11/19/2011 1:44:31 PM
Then I guess we are talking about 2 whole different groups.

Im talking about the grop that a while back worked with thebobevil.
I think they worked on PSPISO.com.

Probably you're part of a new translators group.
#19tftrevor813Posted 11/19/2011 2:04:05 PM

*waits a bit longer*
odd I now have a gamefaqs and gamestop account... o_O
* always enjoy life to the fullest* 8)
#20X_Zack_Hiro_XPosted 11/19/2011 2:05:40 PM
now i will confuse you even more
im actually talking about this translation group

in the very early stages of this project, nobody knows how to edit the files
now we know and the progress is good

thebobevil is a mystery to me
he said to one guy he havent translated the script and to me he does have

now im confused lol
"i think, that this post is COOL. please spread this STORY. thank you in advance, BRO."