Question for people that got a EU edition with Sagitarius Seiya DLC)

#1Siegfried066Posted 5/18/2012 2:25:43 PM
Personally I got my JPN version this Monday. It also came with 2 DLC-vouchers:
1) Limited Gold Pegasus Seiya (V1 Cloth) (a pre-order bonus for one of the special editions, I think)
2) a smaller card that I first thought was only for Sagitarius Seiya

The code for the Sagitarius Seiya DLC also gave me a download for a Custom Theme (not available on PSN as far as I know). This was mentioned in katakana on the voucher, the seller also confirmed this before shipping the game + DLC-vouchers.

My question is: does the DLC-voucher for the EU-version also give you a download for a Theme? (+ maybe that voucher is the normal way of getting Limited Gold Pegasus Seiya V1?)

No big deal, I'm just curious (I really like the character-images of the JPN-theme and hope EU "edition" owners also get in on the fun ^_^)
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#2HaganenoTamashiPosted 5/20/2012 8:26:03 AM
Nope, no theme for EU Limited Edition
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