Sage mode Naruto or KCM Naruto?

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User Info: Spiega

5 years ago#1
Which is better and why?

User Info: sasukedude

5 years ago#2
In the game or in general?
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User Info: WhaleHinata

5 years ago#3
Tailed Beast Chakra Mode Naruto is only an awakening. The correct term for the last Naruto you unlock is 5 Kage Summit Naruto.
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User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#4

Sage Naruto, bc he's the way they shouldv'e made FKS Naruto. Always naturally in KCM mode & awakens to full KCM mode where he & Kurama fused. But i'm also aware KCM naruto is just in it as a bonus & nothing more. He'll be equipped with all his new moves in storm 3.

User Info: Spiega

5 years ago#5
In the game I mean

User Info: Emperor4DemiGod

5 years ago#6
you will get a ton of different responses if its for the game.

KCM naruto has better ninja tools, better strings, and grab to ougi

sage naruto has a better awakening, better jutsu and better tracking
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