[video] Sage Naruto vs Orochimaru, Itachi, Harashima

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Nice, didn't see the Orochi one. Thanks.
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Better quality?
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Confirmed: 6tail jutsu is NOT a single shot. It's 2 or 3. I believe it's 2 (judging by health reduction and what is seen)
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its 3 blasts 

just look closely when Hashirama dies

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Sage Mode's chakra shuriken was nerfed. It is now only one windmill shuriken.
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rasengan barrage looks better visually
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Wow, his combos look more fluid than ever. Looks like I'll be picking him up.
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The overall game looks fluid. Can't wait to actually play it
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I just hope they fixed the connection. It's just 2 players, damn it, games nowadays can handle as many as 10+ in a server without much lag, and SUNS2 tends to lag badly with 2bar connection with just 2 players, damn it. >_>

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