Minato vs Gaara

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garra can just bury everything around him

Minato will teleport away, so that won't work
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Where will he teleport to? If he teleports to Konoha then tries to teleport back, surely he'll end up trying to teleport underground, as presumably his kunai would have been buried? He'd teleport away and then have to walk back.
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Remember Minato's SUNS2 Ultimate? He could throw Kunai to teleport himself away multiple times in a row into safety. And using huge-area attacks would give Minato the opening he needs to kill Gaara, wouldn't it?
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Minato has more fanboys so he wins.
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that too
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Minato could add his seal to Gaara's sand or gourd and just teleport to that so that could make him victorious
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A kunai can only travel through the air so fast, I would expect Gaara's sand could deal with a kunai, as it has multiple projectiles throughout the story.

Now keeping up with Minato himself? Maybe not.

Having said, if they're fighting in a desert, Gaara could surely just seal himself inside a solid ball of sand while he turns the desert outside into quicksand like he did for a portion of it on Kimimaro, burying him. Minato could only avoid this if he could somehow teleport away from the battle and onto safe terrain. He'd need to not touch the floor somehow. I'm not sure how well a Rasengan would fair against Gaara's defenses either.
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Jaded_Memory posted...
To teleport to the gourd or Gaara, he first has to get close enough to place a seal, or get a kunai close enough. If he can do that, he can win. If not, the sheer size and omni-directional nature of Gaara's attacks in a desert will take him down eventually.

It seems that sometimes people forget Minato doesn't have free-form teleportation like Tobi does. To teleport anywhere there needs to be a specific seal there for him to teleport to.

If hes tricky enough such being able to have prep time yeah he can get there.

I dont think I see anywhere preptime is or is not factored in.

Sorry Jaded.

All Minato needs is to bump shoulder or stash the tag prior to fight and trigger it. I dont think Gaara is Kage material to figure it out.
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From: Sambo93 | #026
Minato could add his seal to Gaara's sand or gourd and just teleport to that so that could make him victorious

They're in the middle of a desert, I don't think it'll matter much. But I give this one to Minato.
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