Naruto CYOA Part 6 (Heart's)

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4 years ago#1
Choice B

You remain silent as you are led away from the office by the ten Kusa Black Ops. You think about escaping once outside, but with their blades still pressed firmly against vital parts of your body, you decide against it.

Instead, the ninja of the Grass lead you to the village's underground prison, where they strip you of all your scrolls and weapons, throw you in one of the cells at the lowest level and leave you alone to contemplate your deciaion.

While you are left alone, you're sure that you are still under guard. Hours pass by but you remain still in your cell, simply observing your surroundings and the sounds you hear in the hallway. It appears the guards shift positions once every hour...

As day turns to night and night turns to midnight, you come up with a plan to feign sickness and get the guards attention. You begin yelping in pain, curling in the fetal position as if in extreme agony.

"Quiet down!" the guard yells, coming to the bars of the cell with his tonfa. He clangs it against the metal to get your attention. Now's your chance...

You jump up from the floor and rush to the bars, pulling the guard to them and having him stare deep into your red, Sharingan gaze. You flood chakra into your eyes and cast a genjutsu on the guard...a genjutsu making him believe that he's on his honeymoon and that his wife is awaiting naked behind this locked door...

Eagerly and foolishly, the guard unlocks the cell and throws the door open, only to be met with a knee to the gut and a second knee to the jaw. The combination knocks him out cold...

You make haste down the hallways, winding down each turn that led you down inti this prison in the first. The recall of the Sharingan still astounded you...

However, just as you make it around another corner, an alarm sounds and rows of guards appear to block your escape. It looks like it's either fight or flight...

A) Rip a piece of piping off the wall and use it to fight your way through the armed prison guards.
B) Rely on the taijutsu skills you copied from Guy to get you to the exit.
C) Turn around a find another way out.
D) Wait for the guards to attack so that your curse mark activates and you can beat each one down with brute strength...
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4 years ago#2
i see these topics like every damn day.

what the hell is CYOA?
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4 years ago#3

Also, CYOA = Create(I've seen choose too, so...) Your Own Adventure.

You see them everyday because it's an interactive story.

3 people have one currently.
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4 years ago#4
Yeah I agree with C.

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4 years ago#5
"Son of a submariner!"
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4 years ago#6
C I guess.
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4 years ago#7
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4 years ago#8
Choice C

Thinking you don't want to take on a group of armed guards single-handedly, you quickly flip around and begin running down one of the opposite hallways.

You encounter a few guards at a time but using the skills you copied from Guy, you disarm them almost effortlessly and continue storming through the prison.

After a few more random turns, you see the back of an individual carrying what appears to be all of your equipment. He doesn't appear to be a guard and with a closet look you finally make out a figure you recognize...

"Reese!" you cry out, trying to get your friends attention. He turns with your scrolls loaded in his arms and smiles.

"There you are!" he says. "I saw them take you away...I snuck in to bust you out. Who knew you'd be busting yourself out, huh?"

You can't help but smile at the loyalty of your friend. "Thanks man."

"You can thank me after we bust on outta here," he replies, handing you all of your stuff so you can 'suit up'.

"Alright," you say, feeling much more confident with your equipment. "Which way?"

"Follow me...I know a secret way out that will take us outside the village perimeter."

You follow Reese down a series of corridors that appears to take you further into the prison. But Reese's way out isn't a conventional one. It's the sewage drainage system...

After dodging more guards and making your way into the pipes, both you and Reese manage to escape the compound unscathed...albeit smelling like the raw end of a kangaroo's tail.

You both continue to the forest that will take you away from the village but you stop when you realize someone is standing directly ahead of you, blocking your know who it is too...

"You plan to stop me?" you ask bluntly. "Kinvari-sensei..."

A) Ask him why he's blocking your escape.
B) Waste no time talking and just attack him. His brother was the one who said it, if he's not with you then he's your enemy...
C) Let him speak first.
D) Ask him to move out of your
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4 years ago#9

I feel like we should let him speak to us first.
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4 years ago#10
Stuck between c and d, but I guess I'll go with C for the reason stated above.

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