Naruto CYOA time PART 12

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C, why not. At least we're trying something while killing time for the clone to get back.

Still, I really... REALLY don't want to fight the Hikari guy but I'm 99.9% sure that's what is going to happen.
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C and is our guy going to war like Hearts guy? Or are we in different times?
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^^ I don't see why we don't fight him. It'll give us a chance to use our new powers and we should get rid of him before the war starts so that we don't have to worry about him during it.
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And ever thought about a free will choice? I explained it in Heart's topic if you don't know what I mean.
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You can't argue with a fool. He'll bring you down to his level, then beat you with experience.
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Choice C.

You get to thinking, what if there's more to The Hikari Oath? You assume that the feeling you felt when warping all over the place was you sensing something wrong with Mia... What if... You could somehow use this to find her? If you have Mia senses, why can't you have Mia GPS?

"What are you doing?" Kurotsuchi asks, as you look towards the sky, and begin focusing.

"...Searching...For Mia..." You reply, as Kurotsuchi becomes concerned.

"You're not going crazy on me, are you? You're not a sensor."

You try to ignore her, as you try to zone out everything around you... You don't know what to exactly do, but you're....picking up something! You concentrate on this energy you found, as you can't help but think it has something to do with Mia... You don't know what this is, but this.... energy is coming from the west of Iwakagure!

"I...think she's the other way..." You say, as you turn towards the village gate.

"What...makes you say that?" Kurotsuchi asks, as you take out a pen and paper (From...?).

You scribble down directions for your clone, "I can feel it. Just trust me, Kurotsuchi. Mia and I are closer than you can imagine. If Keiko left out the gate to the east, but I think Mia's west, she must have went around the village..." You hand the paper to a guard, "Give this to me when I walk by." You tell the bewildered guard, as you begin to move around the village, westward. A skeptical Kurotsuchi follows you.

You rush through the mountain region south of Iwakagure, as you try to keep a lock on this energy you're feeling...

"Are you SURE you're not just crazy?" Kurotsuchi asks, "Now I know why Gramps tried to trick you into the war."

You turn your head slightly, "What?"

You're forced to a halt, however, as a familiar masked face appears in your path. You've gone pretty far west now, and you can feel the energy getting closer... Just behind this man...

"It would seem we cross paths once more..." Kaze says calmly.

"Get out of my way. Now." You demand, as Kurotsuchi scans Kaze quickly.

"Who is he...?" She asks.

"A nuisance..." You reply, as Kaze crosses his arms.

"I fear that I cannot let you any farther. I told you that if we met again, I would show no mercy. I thought ahead this time. I know Mia is not with you. I know her location as well. But I have that covered. I defeat you, while my brother grabs Mia. ONE of you, will be captured. It's time we stopped taking turns dying." Kaze growls, as he drops his arms.

You begin to panic. Brother? There's only two others left... Did Keiko make a deal with these guys? Or someone else...? You don't have the time to fight! You have to save Mia!

Kurotsuchi glances at you, "You go get your girl back. If this guy wants to get beat down, then I'll let him."

You turn to her in shock, "What? You don't know who this guy is!"

"I know Mia's not safe. I don't know who he is, but I'm sure there's nothing he can do to stop me. You go ahead, while I handle this clown. You want to save Mia, right? Then go!" Kurotsuchi orders.

Kaze raises his hands towards you, "Like I'll let you escape..."

"I'll create an opening, just go already!" Kurotsuchi assures, as you think of what to do.

You don't really know what Kaze can do, but you're sure he'll stand no chance if you and Kurotsuchi work together. You don't know how much time you have to save Mia, however... But your clone should be coming...But if Kaze summons Jade...


A) Fight with Kurotsuchi! (BOSS)
B) Head for Mia! Kurotsuchi can handle it!
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Knowledge_King posted...

And ever thought about a free will choice? I explained it in Heart's topic if you don't know what I mean.

Uhh.... I could try it >_>

Though it seems like it got shot down in Heart's thread, I'll try it once to see how it goes.

Also, I'll explain the war stuff later. Raikage still doesn't like you >_>
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People focus on the negative, and totally ignore the positives. Why?
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B I guess. I don't think it would just be our clone helping Kuro, I think Carvena would be there to help too, unless she'd help the real us with Rai or the fire brother. I could be persuaded either way, but B for now.
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