Naruto CYOA: Villain Edition Part II

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3 years ago#1
A Wins!

You decided to enter the tournament, you had nothing better to do. You went into the Mission Center and found the sign ups. After signing your name a rather dashing fellow walked up to you, his golden blond hair framing his face.

"Ah hello Madame, I don't think I've seen you before, My name is Jaou. What might your name be?"

"Akemi. What do you want?" You ask coldly, not liking this guy already.

"Oh my, I see you have a bit of an attitude. I just wanted to know your name." Jaou said calmly. "I see you entered the tournament."


"It just depresses me. I've also entered the tournament and I'd hate to fight such a beautiful woman such as yourself." Jaou flirted. You simply gave him a death stare and began to walk away but Jaou put a hand on your shoulder.

"Now now, I know you're new here but that's no excuse to act like that around me." Jaou said with sudden malice. "Now see here Akemi, you might be Sasori's pet but I'M top dog around here."

"If you're so good, why haven't the Akatsuki called you up yet?" You question while you knock Jaou's hand off your shoulder.

"Because they can't recognize talent." Jaou said with extreme arrogance.

"They probably didn't call you up because of your talent." You responded in a deadpan tone. Jaou's face contorted with rage, his purple eyes seemingly turning darker.

"You will pay for those words Akemi. I'll make sure of that."

"Great, I can't wait for the day I make you my b****." You counter. Jaou snorted with rage and walked away. It was then you noticed everyone in the room was watching your little argument with Jaou. You shrugged your shoulders as a familiar face walked up to you.

"Yo there." Daisuke greeted. "I see you've met Jaou."

"It was my pleasure." You state sarcastically. "Anyway, what are you doing here?"

"Oh I joined the tournament, along with Aoi." Daisuke said. "Though it took a long time to convince Aoi to join, girl just doesn't like fighting all that much."

"Why'd you make her join then?

"Cause it's good for her, otherwise she'd be locked up in that library just reading away. Anyway, Aoi told me you wanted to know about the Kouki Soeki, correct?"

"Yeah, I do." You answer with a new found interest.

"Well Ivan's back from his mission and is hanging at the warehouse, wanna talk to him?" Daisuke offered.

"Yeah I do." You answer back. Daisuke nodded and walked with you out of the Mission Center. You two reached the warehouse and Daisuke opened the door. Nobody was in there except a shaggy haired guy sleeping on one of the couches.

"That's Ivan." Daisuke said. "If you wanna talk to him, just wake him up."

You nodded your head and walked up to Ivan. You took this time to think over what you would say...

What question should you ask Ivan?

A.) Free Choice.
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3 years ago#2
Look out for yourself first before others- you'll be more in control that way.
3 years ago#3
A) Kick the couch to wake him up. "you Ivan?"
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3 years ago#4
Nothing, get some training in. Improve the Ice Shroud in some way.
3 years ago#5
A. Poke him to wake him up. If that doesn't work kick the couch. If he's still asleep, slap him.
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3 years ago#6
Ask how powerful Kouki Soeki is.
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3 years ago#7
Time to wake up Ivan!

"Hey, you're Ivan, right?" You ask. Ivan kept on snoring. You gently shook him but Ivan continued sleeping. You yelled at him loudly, but no dice, Ivan was still counting sheep.

"Wake up you idiot!" You shout as you slapped Ivan across the face. Ivan opened his eyes a little then closed them. You sighed in frustration.

"Allow me." Daisuke said as he made a single handseal. Suddenly Ivan woke up in a fright, breathing heavily.

"Dammit Daisuke! How many times have I said not to use your stupid genjutsu to wake me up!" Ivan yelled angrily. Daisuke just laughed and pointed towards you.

"Who's the chick?"

"Akemi, she's Akane's partner for the Akatsuki and she's been interested in the Kouki Soeki." Daisuke explained. Ivan raised an eyebrow at you.

"Yeah, I've heard about you Akemi. You killed H and Cyn. H wasn't anything special but Cyn? You must be good to kill her." Ivan complimented.

"Yeah anyway, how powerful are the Kouki Soeki?" You ask bluntly.

"Eh, I dunno. We do things by ranks, going from D to S. I'm only B rank so I only know info from B rank stuff and below." Ivan explained. "You probably want to talk to Senna, she's in the A rank, but she just left on a mission."

You cursed and slapped your hand to your face. All you wanted was some info, was that too much to ask for?

"Sorry if that didn't answer your question all the real juicy stuff belongs to the higher ranks." Ivan apologizes. You waved your hand dismissively and headed back to your room in the base. Akane still wasn't back yet so you took this time to review your jutsu for the tournament tomorrow. You couldn't improve any of them in time for the tourney but you got some ideas...

You awoke in the early morning and headed to the Pit. You were led down a staircase and into the pit with seven other people. You recognized Daisuke, Aoi, and Jaou, but you never seen the other three before. Suddenly an announcer showed up in the middle of the Pit and the crowd of people cheered in response.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Tournament! Eight competitors have entered today to gain a special prize AND a week's worth of training from Tatsuya! Now we will randomly choose two entrants to begin this Tournament!"

The crowd roared again as the announcer pulled two slips of paper out from a tattered hat.

"Aoi will fight against Genobu!" The announcer yelled loudly. "May the other contestants go into the balcony to watch!"

You saw Daisuke say some words to Aoi before he went up into the balcony. You shrugged and followed. Aoi was facing a rather large man that had to be Genobu. You could watch the match, or talk to the other contestants. What should you do?

A.) Watch the match.

B.) Talk to the contestants. (Choose which one.)

Here are the names of the contestants (Excluding Aoi and Genobu)

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3 years ago#8
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3 years ago#9
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3 years ago#10
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