i might buy but i have a few questions

#1takun45Posted 4/17/2012 4:06:03 AM
1st. How many playyable charcters are palyable

2nd. Does this game have a story mode like for example: ultimate ninja 4

3rd. Are all of the akatuski playable
#2SuperVegito2487Posted 4/17/2012 5:24:57 AM
1st a s***load, i think it was 72 playable and 2 rows support only... thats much for a naruto game.

2. no, story is a bit boring but atleast we get matches like naruto vs sasuke, both awakened, and itachi, and sasuke susanoo battles.

3rd. well... hiruko isnt and the pains are collaberated under tendo but other than that yes i think so.

itachi, part 1 and susanoo versions
kisame, and his fish form in awakening.
sasori with 3rd kazekage, and hes crazy awakening.
deidara with c3 as awakening
tobi (2 versions one masked man from nine tails vs minato) with "madara" as awakening.

sasuke ameterasu
...no zetsu (found one)
kakuzu and hidan with awakenings fitting them
pain (tendo, rest in combos, nor original animal path) and konan.

if i forget any members just ask.
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