Has their seriously never been a female cop in these games?

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Saints Row 2 had female cops. But then they backtracked with Saints Row The Third, having only male cops. Saints Row 2 also had more realistic prostitutes, of the fat, ugly and crackwhore varieties. But then they backtracked in Saints Row The Third, having mostly smoking hot prostitutes wearing fetish costumes like angel and devil.

But that's just Saints Row. They seem to be going backwards in regards to realism (not that realism was ever their strong point), whereas GTA is going forward.

Anyway, sure, I think it'd be acceptable to have female cops in this game. Honestly, I admit I wouldn't feel comfortable killing them, but don't let my sexism stop progress.
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yohabroha posted...
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>>or male prositutes
Unlikely. Modern GTA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Fallout. Same goes for R*\Obsidian, you know.

I have no idea what you mean

OK, now you have: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUua73d8oL4
...And later, there are ghouls in Gomorrah and reprogrammed farmin' bot...
How different you feel with such a knowledge ? Any lasting hurt at sirloin ?