Would you be okay with a Female lead?

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Honorless posted...
If you don't want "generic crap" (generic=common) storylines, you probably shouldn't be playing GTA games, as they're clearly copy/pastes from hundreds of stories/comics & Hollywood movies Scarface, Heat, GoodFellas, Godfather, Boys in the Hood, intermixed with absurdity (in that specific case, comically speaking, Saints Row 3 is the most original of the script among GTA/RDR/or even MP)
Max Payne being any hardboiled/noir, & RDR borrowing from every western under the sun.

Really, you're calling GTA, RDR and Max Payne generic? Because Rockstar have taken inspiration from/paid homage to some iconic movies? Just because something is not completely original doesn't make it generic.

The main thing I also don't want to be generic is the protagonists's personality. I like the characters Rockstar create, and some of the crazy, memorable personalities. A custom protagonist cannot be anything like that. They have to be generic, ie: non-specific. I have no interest in that. I want a detailed character with a specific personality and back story that suits the plot.
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I wouldn't mind more customization for my online guy, though. It'd be nice to unlock all of the clothes and gear from the main game, plus maybe some extra and/or hidden stuff.
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I didn't miss GameFAQS at all. I'll be back in a month or two.
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