so, how old were you when you started playing gta

#41digUbetterdeadPosted 2/14/2013 5:12:37 AM
i believe i was 11 when i first played gta3 back in 2002. it was the first game i (luckily) picked when i got my first ps2. i didnt know a thing about it, but i picked it because i liked the pictures of all the cars and thought claude looked cool. i also distinctly remember there being a diablo stallion on there too lol i was hoping id get to drive that car.

i got vice city sometime in early 2003 i suppose, and san andreas on release.
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adz-spec posted...
Dr_Kain posted...
Actually, I could honestly see that being possible. I am a substitute teacher and have had kindergartners who play GTA and Assassin's Creed.

That's some bad parenting right there.

I know, but its either those two games or Call of Duty. My god, everything between the ages 5-10 is obsessed with Call of Duty.
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Your parents must be so proud. Thats well young TC. I played Mortal Kombat at age 10. Played GTA 1 when i was 12. Im 22 now.
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I was 13 when I got GTA 3, played that with my cousin who was 10. Both played Vice City at 14 & 11 respectively, then when San Andreas came out, my younger cousin (his brother) played at age 8. My youngest cousin, their brother, played GTA IV with us at age 8 & played Vice City Stories the year before when he was 7.

My cousins are pretty much my brothers, so we've all grown up with access to M rated games at young ages, and I had plenty of M rated games before GTA 3 as well (although not GTA).

The only thing those games have left on us are great tastes in music.
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Nuck-chorris posted...
Your parents must be so proud. Thats well young TC. I played Mortal Kombat at age 10. Played GTA 1 when i was 12. Im 22 now.

I was 9 when I first played MK on the arcade... and 12 or 13 for the original GTA.

I still love both of these games in their original, and get miffed (and am old) when others don't get it. I dunno why the original GTA's aren't on the PS store.

If you played the original GTA and Mk... Play T&C surf shop for nintendo... Good game too.
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13 / GTA3
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I don't remember my exact age but I was probably 9-11 when I played GTA3 at a cousins house. I wasn't really into keeping up with gaming so I searched the limited, useless internet trying to find a game with a similar cover (My cousin lived in the USA so I couldn't just ask him). Finally, I thought I found it but turns out I found VC and bought it on release week. It wasn't until a few years ago that I released I was actually playing GTA3 all those years ago.
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#49L0ZPosted 2/15/2013 4:15:52 PM
GTA2 in '99. I was 7

Most prominent mission i remember was one where some guy talks to you about beany liquor then you get thrown in prison and have to break out.

this song is nostalgic
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