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3 years ago#11
ChrisOfTheRiver posted...

Nah dude, you could can have zombie Zappa......don't think he would be doing much though!

Oh believe me, Zombie Zappa would quite the lively fellow, I bet. Legends don't just die, you know... But I suppose, I'd have to wait till R* once again sets a game in a better time, a time where Frank Zappa is alive and well and bold as ever!
3 years ago#12
Tom Leykis.

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3 years ago#13
ChrisOfTheRiver posted...
*Leo the Hippy - straight out crazy acid drenched conspiracy theories that has nothing to do with nothing! Some sitar playing in the background, faint noise of lighters lighting up..............

You mean Tommy Chong??
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3 years ago#14
pITUFo_cRUDo posted...
Frank Zappa. Talking about anything and playing music. Both his and other great underground sixties rock from the LA area.

.....Do dead guys count as fictitious?

good call , very inventive ! ! !
3 years ago#15
talk show with Justin Beiber!!!

Everyone would hate it & it would be amazing.
3 years ago#16
John Kassir
3 years ago#17
Your damn right I mean Tommy Chong!
3 years ago#18
joe rogan is an american personality that is often fun to listen to.
MuFF haT Inc.
3 years ago#19
Especially when the subject is transgender MMA fighters.
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3 years ago#20
I'd like to see the electron zone from LCS make a return.
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