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3 years ago#1
I enjoyed the multiplayer for GTAIV, but how could it be improved?

I suppose having cooler vehicles will help, but what do you think? Are there any new modes you want to see? Video game reviews, previews, and info.
3 years ago#2
LOL that was a random link. It's old news, anyway, you silly kids. Have you seen the CE boxart yet?

On topic, go back to true no blips, make respawn distance actually work, have ALL vehicles available online, and if there are trains/gondolas/etc, they better mf'in work online. GRRR!

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3 years ago#3
I would like a you shot, I drive kind of game with psn buddies or random, which can be annoying. You have to stay in your car or on your bike with your mate and you hunt down others.
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3 years ago#4
they should have a in game multiplayer mini game section where you can play pool and darts with your buddys online. kinda like they did in number 4 how you can go and play with the computer friends but this time just have a place that has all of them in one area and you can play with friends or just random people on the internet that would be fun.
3 years ago#5
what about russian roulette with a fully loaded weapon and you go first ! that will give me a chance to save ammo for the next challenge and possibly win ? .... just kidding !!!!
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