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2 years ago#1
I hope that returns
2 years ago#2
Maybe only in mission!!
2 years ago#3
I hope it doesn't
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter
2 years ago#4
The first GTA's development name was Grand Theft Jetpack.
Sigs are rather pointless, except if it's to showcase animation and images.
2 years ago#5
No jetpack no buy
When the apocalypse comes I'm going to be a bicycle courier. It's an honest living with a steady wage. We can't all be mutant hunters, after all
2 years ago#6
Not expecting it to return.
Give them nothing, but take from them; everything!
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2 years ago#7
I hope the jetpack makes a return also. It was a really convenient way to really explore the landscape!!!
2 years ago#8
The jetpack was slow and unwieldy. I only ever used it to find a few collectibles in SA.

What would be the use of it? Aircraft are a lot faster and a lot more powerful than a floating man with a gun.
I r Ninja. I eat brains.
2 years ago#9
^^^ It's more about fun than speed when you're using the jetpack.
2 years ago#10
meh... I don't really care much for the jet pack. I guess it would neat if there was one.

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