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User Info: wokiboy67

3 years ago#1
Please don't kill any innocent people. Thanks in advance.
Never forgive,never forget.

User Info: lillfcmichael

3 years ago#2
It must be done.

I am sorry.

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

3 years ago#3
ill kill whoever i please thank you.

User Info: d0su

3 years ago#4
I was going to go exploring in the beginning to get a feel for the game but now because someone said "don't kill the innocent people" I'm now going to go on a rampage. Sorry I'm just a rebel.

User Info: SanAndreas_Gurl

3 years ago#5
....but why not? 0.o
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User Info: wokiboy67

3 years ago#6
Put it this way, why should you? I will kill them only if they try to kill me first. If it's possible.
Never forgive,never forget.

User Info: mentallyfunny00

3 years ago#7
The first thing I do in every gta is beat the crap out of the first guy that walks by.
It works 50% of the time every time.

User Info: The_Undying_84

3 years ago#8
I usually don't.....................intentionally. I run them over and blow them up and catch them with stray bullets all the time though.
PSN: TheUndying84

User Info: Epic_McDude

3 years ago#9
Can I at least kill Juggalos if they will be NPCs in the world and not just in a cutscene?

Technically they aren't innocent, nomsaiyan?
"Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

User Info: Tomar-Re

3 years ago#10
I think TC is talking about people killing eachother in multiplayer.

If that's the case, why ruin the point of GTA mp?
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