Who's the oldest GTA fan on here?

#1CodNotCoDm8sPosted 9/14/2013 8:22:39 AM
I'm 27, remember getting The original PS GTA on launch day when I was 11 or 12, then got number 2 in my chipped PS, even the Dreamcast port, then got all the others on release except for 3 because I didnt have a PS2 (chose the Dreamcast) but went back to Sony a bit later. Absolutely can't wait for V, it's gonna be amazing.
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#2kennyynnooPosted 9/14/2013 8:25:29 AM
31, haven't missed a game, still have every single one.
#3type47Posted 9/14/2013 8:26:57 AM

I'm the oldest.
#4the_denzelPosted 9/14/2013 8:29:23 AM
Only 23....but in 6th grade I somehow managed to get the first GTA on the shared folder in my schools computer lab, so everyone could enjoy the carnage.
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#5methosagainPosted 9/14/2013 8:30:37 AM
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#6TrippyPBAPosted 9/14/2013 8:30:40 AM
26, been playing and supporting the series since its birth (man I feel old :/ )
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#7fish77Posted 9/14/2013 8:33:15 AM
42 & played them all
#8SpaceMarineZackPosted 9/14/2013 8:36:35 AM(edited)
25 started in 2001 with GTA 3, saw the trailer on TV and loved the music and mafia vibe. Then my PS2 broke and got the GTA 2 for m the ps1
#9jesse_skaterPosted 9/14/2013 8:41:01 AM
23 started with gta III
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#10pajamoPosted 9/14/2013 8:50:51 AM
43. Played them all!

Only one I never finished is Vice City.

Played IV five times.
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