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2 years ago#1
Only have a few people on my friends list, and I'm looking for a few more for GTA Online.
Add me on psN

GT: Suited Deuce
2 years ago#2
Add me, TC. Anyone else in this thread as well. My friends list is pitiful.
PSN - GrizzIy_Burr (The L is an i.)
2 years ago#3
Yeah would love to play, add me. People on my list are boring, they add me because they want to play but I message them and they don't reply.
PSN: rezwan_123
2 years ago#4
Added you all
E.... Not just a vowel, but almost promises you'll get laid by a lady at the club. Pooh Da Stryker
2 years ago#5
Add me guy. check my sig
PSN: Copyright2008
2 years ago#6
Add me me for GTA online psn zodiac5556
2 years ago#7
I'm in desperate need of more PSN friends that are still active.

PSN: Vickzt
2 years ago#8
Anyone can add me... or don't
-Ash (PSN: ash-274)
Atari 2600, 2x NES (Powerpad & Zapper), SNES, N64, 2x GB (6volt), GBC, GBA, PS2, PS3 (160GB), Wii, iPhone4, iPad1
2 years ago#9
I'm down add me!
PSN: Tha66RydenMFFL XBL: Tha66RydenMFFL (expired)
2 years ago#10
Add me anyone.

PSN: ShivaTheDestroyr
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