Stock tips.. inside"A guide on how to make money on the GTA V stock market"

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A guide on how to make money on the GTA V stock market

GTA V's stock market is proving to be a great in-game feature where you can generate a lot of cash, but how can you make like a Wall Street tycoon ?

Note: The GTA V stock market consists of the LCN (offline stocks,) which can be affected by events that happen in-game via objectives and side missions and the BAWSAQ, which can be affected by global events cause by the online GTA community.

1. Invest in one of the automobile firms, then cruise around destroying your rivals' cars. The end result will see sale of your cars go up and your stocks rise.

2. Buying cheap stock is a tycoon's dream scenario and to do so in GTA V is easy. Simply apply the reverse tactic to our first tip. For example, if you shoot down a plane the stocks for that company plummet. Buy those stocks cheap then shoot your rivals planes down to re-inflate your stock value.

3. Buy into guns or ammo in the early days. These stocks should go through the roof as gamers get their hands on weapons.

4. Listen closely to the radio and character dialogue for stock tips.

5. Assassination missions provided by Lester always tell you how some stock will be affected if you bump off a rival CEO.
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That's really cool.
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Wow awesome thanks for the info I was really confused by the stock stuff but you helped alot thanks
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What are the initals of the gun companies, I haven't been able to find a single one.
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Thanks for posting this. I will definitely try these out.
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TC, do you know how many Lester missions there are?
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Rebelphoenix posted...
What are the initals of the gun companies, I haven't been able to find a single one.

Ammu-Nation in BAWSAQ. Probably AMN or something like that
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Game spoilers

Invest into DEB and RWC, early on in the game.

You will get a mission to assasinate a Redwood guy later on in the game. When the mission starts, sell off both investments. You will make some profits.

Then reinvest into RWC

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Wait, so the BAWSAQ is only for online stocks? S***! I invested all my money as Franklin into Betta for a Lester mission in BAWSAQ, and I don't even have my system online. -_-
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BAWSAQ shouldn't be online? I invested into the bettapharm company and did lester's first assassination to watch it skyrocket immediately.