Mini games and side missions youve found via in game "Internet"

#1XsjadoTwin11Posted 9/18/2013 1:09:40 AM
What fun things have you trolled across of the internets of GTA V?

I'll start it off.

A fun one we stumbled across today was (search six figure temps in game)

Basically it's a mini game with the reward seeming to be a potential string of side missions doing courier style jobs

The mini game goes as follows. A client likes balloons, especially balloons carried of the insides of other people ;) ;) swallow 10 balloons and you get the job.

You have to click a balloon and the balloon full of "fun" goes into an avatar. The object is to swallow 10 balloons without exploding. We tried many times. Swallowing them quickly, waiting a few minutes between balloons, but no matter what we did our little guy just couldn't handle 10 balloons (our best attempt was 9 out of 10, exploding on the 10th and final fun filled balloon)

I urge you all, the great community of GTA V here at GameFAQs to figure this mini game out. 12,387,203 brownie pts to whoever comes up with a solution and posts proof... And we all know that the international value of brownie pts is on the rise so take advantage of my offer. Good day, and good luck!
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