Can anyone Explain stocks to me?

#1hungluo1989Posted 9/19/2013 7:12:02 PM
I know it will help me make more money. Any tips on what I should invest in?
#2VudoodudePosted 9/19/2013 7:36:44 PM
When they do assassination missions, i.e. lester tells you to plant something in the cell phone for life invader, assassinate this dude on frankling, or assassinate that dude, lester will sometimes give tips. In general:

Assassinate CEO of company = stocks crash, while opposing company stocks increase.
So before the mission, you need to buy the stocks of the OPPOSING company as much as you can on all characters. After the assassination, the stocks will plummet for the company you kill the CEO of, while the opposing stocks that you invested in will rise.

All stocks generally go back to norm afterwards, so while the opposing stock has risen now, SELL SELL SELL (usually a day or two in the game, so an hour or so in real life), and then invest in the company that you just assassinated, because that company stock will come back up, not high but "normal".

i.e. lester assassination redwood vs debunair. You invest debunair, assassinate redwood, sell debunair while high, buy redwood while low. When redwood becomes normal again, sell.

You can also manipulate non-lester related stocks. I suggest you check this guide out for that: