SPOILERS! How Much Money Did You Get In The First Heist Mission

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User Info: bulldoggga

3 years ago#1

I have talked to a couple of friends who said they got Michael paid well over 700K and Franklin got over 250K.

Well for my Heist mission MIchael was paid 198K and Franklin got a measly 70K.

I looked at the breakdown on the Social Club and it said I had 4 Million dollars worth of deductions. WTF? WTF are these deductions coming from? I know he had to pay off the house, but what about the other 1.5 million,

Before anyone asks, I hired the best hacker, the best driver, and the worst gunman (who died). I also stole from every case.

The total came out to be 4.6 million.

User Info: dmb003

3 years ago#2
I got over 800k for Michael and around 280k for Franklin, with the payout for my crew being slightly over a million..
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User Info: greenjelloizgoo

3 years ago#3
Did you pick up the bag of money that the gunman dropped when he died?

I did that by driving over the money bag, as well as hiring the worst driver, and I made ~800k with Michael and ~250 with Franklin.

User Info: Suppaman234

3 years ago#4
I hired the best for all classes and I made the same that everyone else is posting 700-850K for Michael, 250K for Franklin.

User Info: Sunricer

3 years ago#5
I hired the worst driver, gunman, but the best hacker. She was the only one actually doing her job.. >_>
Got bit over 800k for Michael and 250-300k for Franklin.

User Info: iTPCi

3 years ago#6
600k micheal
240k for franklin
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User Info: Gladion20

3 years ago#7
600k-700k with Michael, 200-250k Franklin, I can't remember exact amounts. I hired the worst gunman, and the best hacker/driver I could at the time.
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User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

3 years ago#8
Damn i didn;t know you could pick up the bag.

161k for michael. 48k for franklin. =/
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User Info: bultje112

3 years ago#9
5 million

User Info: MattVSin

3 years ago#10
Michael - $795k
Franklin - $235k
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